Socialbakers Debuts Executive Reports for Android

Announcing the newest development from the Socialbakers crew, a mobile app for Android-friendly marketers to get real-time executive reports when and wherever!

Socialbakers Debuts Executive Reports for Android

Here at Socialbakers, we know that you live beyond your laptop screen, and we have heard the demand for an analytics tool that goes where you go.

Whether you are busy with business or luxuriating in a lazy summer day, you deserve to have the right set of tools available to help you lead a brand you can take pride in – and now we have just the thing for you to use.

Socialbakers Reports for Android

Introducing the Android version of our Socialbakers Reports app, for marketers who want to stay on top of their social performance but don’t always want to be stuck in the office.

All of the features that made our app for the iPhone a huge success are included for the Android crowd here – immediate graphical and statistical reports for your company and any competitor, set to industry KPI benchmarks – all for no cost! Want to learn how fans are engaging with your most recent post while you wait to meet a friend for lunch? Need to check for the most up-to-date stats just before a big meeting? Just check the app!

Welcome screen

To download, simply search “Socialbakers Reports” in Google Play on your Android. Download the app (again, it is free for all Socialbakers clients!) and go from being the kind of marketer who only knows how their content performs when in office, to the kind who is always able to access data – the kind who is never out of the loop.

To begin, click “Create New Set.” This will take you to a setup page.

New Set

The first thing you will need to do is name your set. A set is a group of pages you would like to easily navigate through at once, such as “Airlines” or “Chocolate Brands in EU”.

Then, select up to 10 pages to compare within it. When your report has been compiled, you can swipe left and right in between the pages in your set to view their data.

You can also situate the pages you’ve selected against one of our many preset industry benchmarks.


Next, select a Time Range for the data.

Time Range

When creating a set, you can select or deselect as many metrics as you like. For the most comprehensive reports, we recommend leaving them all selected.

Configure Graphs with Metrics

After you have picked all of your metrics, click “Create” in the top right corner. And look! A beautiful, thorough, Executive Report, wherever you are in the world, courtesy of Socialbakers Analytics!

Graphs and Posts Screens

You can scroll up and down to see various metrics for a page. Also, swipe left and right to switch between pages. At the bottom of the screen, you can switch between pictorial Graphs, for visualizations of each metric, and Posts, to track recent and popular posts by your selected pages.

To adjust anything after this point, just click the wheel icon in the top right corner.

And that’s all! Enjoy reports on the go – because your posts and your fans are never offline. Access it from Google Play on your computer or Android.

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