Social media report for July – Brazil

Social media report for Facebook page statistics for Brazil, July 2011

Social media report for July – Brazil presents targeted stats for local countries with advanced data issued once a month.

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The number of users on Facebook in Brazil reached the number of 24 921 480, which is positioning the country on the excellent 8th place globally. The country Facebook penetration, which measures number of country users relevant to the country population is 12.39% for the month of July 2011.

Socialbakers is currently listing 370 pages in Brazil, covering 20 industries including automotive, finance, education, FMCG, telecom, just to name a few.

From these brands, pages which were able to attract the most of the fans in terms of the posted content were Pedigree, Nissan Brasil, followed by Arezzo. In this report, we are showing the top 20

brands organized by important metric: Engagement Rate (ER). ER is percentage, which represents average number of total interactions to the pages posts divided by the number of fans in the last 30


Regarding the Wall activity of Pages, we use metric Wall Activity Index, which compares the number of user wall posts divided by the total number of fans. For the brand page owner, this is an important Index, which rank the pages according to the base of the most active fans.

Based on this Index, the most active brands on Facebook in Brazil in July were MINI Brasil, EF Englishtown Brasil, and Billabong Brasil.

In the periodical monthly local country reports, you will be able to see the ranking of the Facebook pages with the biggest number of fans in Brasil, monitor their growth, and also see, how they are

doing in terms of the important metrics described above, the Engagement Rage and the Wall Activity Index.

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