Facebook Pages to Watch: What does it mean for Social Marketers?

Last week Facebook announced that they are revamping the ‘Pages To Watch’ section of Facebook Insights for Page Admins. In this blog post, we'll talk about who would best benefit from this, and who might be better served by an independent analytics tool.

Facebook Pages to Watch: What does it mean for Social Marketers?

Pages to Watch, then and now

Facebook first launched Pages to Watch in September 2013. Its recent update has changed it from allowing users to see just the fan growth for up to five pages, to seeing four metrics set to a time range of one week for five pages. Those metrics – Total Page Likes, Page Likes This Week, Number of Admin Posts, and Total Interactions (and in the posts tab, Top Posts) – are all interesting data points to observe in your brand, your competitors, and your industry. They can give you a small idea of what is attracting people to ‘Like’ a certain page at a certain point in time.

But it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Let’s say you are a larger company, with an established presence across social channels.

You’ll want to look at how people are interacting with posts made by many competitors across your industry, and how you compare to them. Maybe you want to look at how fans in different regions react to different posts, and you want to be able to target your posts accordingly.

Maybe you want to do this for networks other than just Facebook.

Independent Tools are Necessary for Business

Pages to Watch may be great for smaller businesses ready to take the leap into the world of intelligent social marketing. We anticipate a great upturn in the number of businesses that will realize the value of analyzing data and creating engaging content accordingly.

But for businesses that already know social marketing is an essential part of operating a business today, and that data analysis is invaluable to social marketing, independent analytics tools remain absolutely necessary.

With years of experience in social KPI measurement, Socialbakers has created an expansive solution that includes more than 50 metrics to measure everything ranging from social customer care, to Fan activity & demographic metrics, to metrics analyzing content and page performance.


Most importantly, it has none of the limits of a built-in tool. With our platforms, you can search for page and post metrics according to time zone, and then post with Builder when fans in each region are most active. We have historical data going back three years for all industries. Because of this, we can help you track campaigns over different periods of time, and see how they fare for you or your competitors against your industry as a whole.

And at the end of the day, we want to help brands find success on more than just Facebook – we’re also on top of Twitter, YouTube, VKontakte, LinkedIN, and Instagram, and are constantly monitoring other networks to see where it is important for brands to be.

So while Pages to Watch’s updates will be very useful for small businesses with an eye towards growth, there is only one way to truly capitalize on social media analytics.

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