Wildfire on Ice

Brrrr, feel that chill? That’s you, being left out in the cold. Wildfire, which was purchased by Google for over $350 million less than two years ago, is being put down. Though the service will continue to run until 2015, it will no longer take on new clients and has stopped spending for any updates. As of this week, Wildfire is, in essence, cooked.

Wildfire on Ice

How the Fire Went Out

In reality, the company has been stagnant for some time – and in the tech world, those who are not ahead are already behind. Wildfire invested in outdated services like sweepstakes even before their acquisition by Google, rather than focusing on more critical aspects of social marketing. Even after their acquisition, Google did not want to invest in innovation and development. It seems the main appeal of having Wildfire around at all was just to make some marketing dollars off Facebook.

Ice Graphic

This means that a lot of Wildfire clients are going to be needing a new service to fulfill their social marketing needs, including page and post analytics, ad creation and management, and social listening. Good thing there is a company out there that just received $26 million in second-round funding to perfect just those kinds of programs.

So what does one do when left out in the cold? You put on a life-giving jacket and save your skin. Us? We’re your jacket store.

First 10 to Join Socialbakers Get Free Access

We at Socialbakers feel so strongly about our platforms, especially about how they compare to Wildfire, that we want to let 10 newly-former Wildfire clients use our publishing solution, Builder, for free for six months. You can create, monitor, and boost all posts and ads, in a platform structured like the one you are used to seeing already. When those six months are up, you’ll still be paying much less for our better services than you were for Wildfire’s inferior ones.

So be one of the first 10 to switch, and see the difference for yourself!


At 5 PM GMT on April 2nd, Socialbakers Co-founder and Head of Product Jiri Voves will be leading a live webinar about what the Wildfire news actually means for you in plain English (not Google-speak). Find out:

  • What this means for the broader marketing industry.
  • Why joining the Socialbakers community is the easiest, most productive move you will make all year.
  • How you can seamlessly transition from Wildfire to Socialbakers – it is easy as all get out.

We want to hear back from any interested brands and see how the switch goes for you. If it is as good as we know it should be, we’ll feature your burgeoning social media marketing efforts on our homepage.

So come out of the cold! There’s a rescue team waiting here for you, and we’ve got a little fire cooking ourselves. If you want to learn what Socialbakers is all about, come see our CEO Jan Rezab and Co-Founder Jiri Voves on April 30th at Engage London 2014, the only conference FOR social marketers, BY social marketers.

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