Facebook Pages Without Direct Message Button Get 5X More Wall Posts

Back in 2012, Facebook put a button on brand’s Walls that gives users the opportunity to send a direct message to the brand. Brands have the option to enable or disable the feature. We looked at the data and found that Pages without a direct message button receive 5X more wall posts than those with a button. What does this mean?

Facebook Pages Without Direct Message Button Get 5X More Wall Posts

There are many factors to consider when deciding which digital touch points to offer to your customers when they need support, want to give feedback, or perhaps want to give your brand some love. For conversations that require users to give personal details, such as contact information or payment details, live-chat, a dedicated @social email account or Facebook direct message button are all good solutions. But for brands looking to provide public customer care, having the majority of your Facebook inquiries posted directly to your Wall can help smooth out your social work flow and serve as a good display of your social devotion.

User questions chart

The key to a highly engaging Facebook page is to open up your conversations to your audience. To that end, your brand should already have an open Wall, as opposed to a closed Wall. Unless you don’t have the resources to handle incoming requests on social, or if talking to your customers isn’t a priority at all for your brand (hint: that shouldn’t be the case!), an open Wall is important for giving users the chance to have a two-sided, transparent conversation with you – and just as importantly, to let other users (not just fans) see that these conversations are happening, and how you handle them. It’s not only a best practice, it’s what many users expect from you.

KLM is a great example of a brand taking advantage of an open Facebook wall to put their excellent social customer care on display.

As part of our Socially Devoted initiative, we have been asking users about their preferences regarding social customer care. Make sure to watch for Socially Devoted announcements in the next month to learn more about what they said!

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