Rules of Engagement: Meet the Social Marketing Masters at Engage London 2014

Last year, social ad spend increased by 54%. And yet, according to a recent Socialbakers survey, a startlingly low number of marketers are taking steps for effective analytics and engagement. It’s discoveries like this that keep us up at night. That’s why we’re inviting marketers from around the globe – including you – to Engage London 2014. On April 30th, we’re hosting the finest practitioners in social marketing: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Renault, Google +, Lenovo, and more! We've also added speakers from two of the most important social networks in the world - Twitter and Youtube!

Rules of Engagement: Meet the Social Marketing Masters at Engage London 2014

If you’re not Engaged, you’re not a Social Marketer.

Marketing is like a relationship – to make it work you need to communicate. That may sound obvious, especially on social media. But it’s shocking how many brands aren’t getting to know their customers better, assuming that all it takes to break through are relentless updates and ceaseless content. To become Facebook official with customers, however, brands need to do more than just publish – they need to engage!

Interactions Speak Louder Than Words

Today on social, brands and consumers are closer than ever. At least that’s the assumption. For the first time ever, brands occupy the same real-time social spheres as consumers do, opening an opportunity at every click. Native ads are so ingrained into multimedia content spheres, and can be so perfectly executed, that an advertisement for LEGO is grossing over $237 million and was the top movie at the box office for three weeks in a row. This doesn’t even take into account sales boosted by the film but not specifically box office profit – you know, the old way advertising helped brands earn revenue.

But many marketers are missing out on the obvious, real, vast potential of social. They aren’t using smart marketing tools like Socialbakers Analytics.

Customers have shown their willingness to interact with brands – in comments, shares, likes, questions, tweets and retweets. These interactions reveal valuable insights on the interests (and disinterests) of audiences. By analyzing the behavior of your audience, you get to know them better, enabling more relevant and popular content. In other words, social insights enable you to do more than communicate; they enable you to engage.


At Engage London 2014, you’ll have access to data insights and working real-life examples of how to make them work for your brand. For instance, do you know what type of content to post to Facebook for the highest engagement? What about how much engagement different post types see, depending on page size?

At Engage, we’ll have much more where this came from.

A conference for social marketers by social marketers, Engage London 2014 guarantees a day of insights, techniques, and face-to-face discussion with the world’s leading social marketers, no matter where you sit in your company. Learn the rules of social media engagement, and supercharge your social marketing workflow at Engage London 2014!

You’re invited! Find out more about joining Engage London 2014, a social media conference for marketers by marketers.

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