Instagram Announces 6× Growth Since Facebook Takeover

Almost two years ago, Facebook acquired Instagram. Now, on the heels of the network’s multi-billion dollar acquisitions of WhatsApp and Oculus VR, Facebook is showing just what it can do for the enterprises in which it invests.

Instagram Announces 6× Growth Since Facebook Takeover

And if what the Facebook name, resources, and management get for WhatsApp and Oculus are the same as what it appears to be doing for Instagram, then very big things are in store for those brands.

In a rare announcement, Instagram reported that it has grown to a community of over 200 million users from the low-30 millions in April 2012, when Facebook acquired it. 50 million have joined in the last six months alone.

It was also estimated by E-Marketer that at least 35 million smartphone users accessed Instagram in the last year, compared to 30.8 million for Twitter. While Twitter still has a larger overall user base at 240 million, the astronomical rate at which Instagram is growing has surprised even Facebook’s brass – so that balance of social power could very well change soon.

There are also several other recent snippets of news from the Instagram camp that should make marketers think more about using the network. It has partnered with Omnicom, the advertising giant, and has been rolling out ad content since late 2013. By now, over 20 billion photos have been shared on the network – and as the number of users continues to explode, that number obviously should as well. For marketers wisely focused not on the size of their fan base but the strength of their posts’ interactions, users on Instagram like posts 1.6 billion times…each day! This is a promising ratio. To put it lightly.

Not that we at Socialbakers are surprised. At our last Engage Conference, we introduced our Instagram monitoring functionality for Analytics, and now publish monthly reports on what makes the best accounts and posts on Instagram do so well. We’ll continue to bring you all the news and insights that enable you to take advantage of this booming outlet for engaging visual advertising. If you have any questions about what Analytics for Instagram can do for you, let us know in the comments below!

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