Facebook Page metric People Talking About now gone from Socialbakers

Facebook will no longer feature the People Talking About (PTA) metric. It is already gone from Facebook Insights, and will be gone from front-end later this year. For page owners, it will be broken into more actionable metrics on a private side. There will be no public replacement for the time being.

Facebook Page metric People Talking About now gone from Socialbakers

Since the launch of People Talking About, back in 2011, there were concerns that the metric, which is used as a summary of the last 7 days of interactions and growth, didn’t truly express engagement in the best possible way. In 2012, our CEO Jan Rezab published an article about it. Both Facebook and we now recommend that page admins use Reach, Engagement, and more specific metrics than PTA in order to maximize post efficiency, and get the most out of your social marketing budget.

We have reacted to the end of the metric by removing it from the free statistics offered at Socialbakers.com. We recommend that users instead use:

  • Interactions and engagement rate for comparing public informations.
  • Facebook Insights for exploring private metrics.

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