Ad Analytics Makes Breaking Changes

Your ads are about to get more efficient, less costly, and more precise. See how Ad Analytics is changing the way you’ll make tomorrow’s ads.

Ad Analytics Makes Breaking Changes

It’s a big, bad social world out there, and sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with your ads. Some key questions to ask yourself if you are not using an ad management tool are:

  • Do I know every time one of my ads underperforms?
  • Are my ads optimized for a variety of social networks?
  • Do I know where every dollar of my ad spend is going, and what kind of ROI each ad brings in?

Only by using independent ad management and optimization tools can you answer questions like these. Luckily, Socialbakers Ad Analytics is an industry-leading solution right up marketers’ alleys – and that solution just got much, much better.

Campaigns for Objectives, Ad Sets for Audiences

Campaign structure used to be a two-part process. It left ads to be defined in terms of their creative components, target audiences, and bidding. Campaigns were defined as groups of ads, controlled under a single budget. Now, the Ad Set category in Ad Analytics allows you to create different ads for different audiences, yet still pursue the same overriding objective.

Make sure all the Ad Sets in a Campaign have matching objectives
Make sure all the Ad Sets in a Campaign have matching objectives

From campaigns for Clicks to Website to Page Installs and Event Responses, your ad efficiency will never be the same!


Within the new campaign structure, brands can now microtarget ads based on:

  1. ZIP codes. According to Facebook, this is the “most fine-grained level of segmentation” (at least in the United States). Being able to use ZIP code targeting means your ads will be extremely relevant to the audience that sees them;
  2. Behavioral targeting. Based on previous purchasing behavior or purchasing propensity, this ensures that your ads hit the pages of the people who are most likely to purchase your products or services;
  3. Unified Interest. So if a user engages with pages relevant to your brand, they’ll be more likely to see your ad. For instance, if you sell baby formula, you’d be more inclined to target someone who comments on articles posted by a Maternity-themed publication than just anyone;
  4. Location exclusion. Are you running a German-specific campaign in addition to a global campaign? Because over-saturating the German audience could drive sales in that market down, it is best to exclude the German group from your global campaign.
Location Targeting down to the ZIP Code, with exclusion capabilities
Location Targeting down to the ZIP Code, with exclusion capabilities

Ad Analytics is for Smart Marketers

Breaking changes on Facebook completely alter the way that ads can target on that network. Ad Analytics is right there with it, making sure that you can attain the best possible ROI on every ad across multiple campaigns.

But that isn’t all it does. With automatic budget management, ad optimization that makes sure your creative outputs get featured in the spots that best suit them, and a bottom-line function that makes sure only your best-performing ads stay running (and your budget trim), Ad Analytics is the ideal solution for smart marketers.

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