3 Reasons to Watch the Engage London 2014 Live Stream

In less than two days, the biggest social marketing event of the year takes place. Socialbakers are thrilled to host a full house in London, bringing with us the world’s leading voices in social. In three sessions – Analyze, Engage, and Promote – the path to a smarter social marketing will be revealed. Can’t make it? Catch all the action live online:

3 Reasons to Watch the Engage London 2014 Live Stream

1. Engage the Innovators

The event will launch with some big announcements from Socialbakers. A keynote delivered by Socialbakers Co-Founders CEO Jan Rezab and Head of Product Jiri Voves will point toward the future of the company, and the next wave of social marketing. Tune in to get a head start!

Engage London 2014 also delivers a behind-the-scenes look at some of the world’s preeminent social marketing campaigns. Hear from the brands themselves – such as KLM, Lenovo, Renault, and others – their experience of transforming into exemplary social businesses.

Personalities such as AO.com’s Yossi Erdman, KLM’s Robertjan Groeneveld, Twitter’s Georgina Parnell – and more from the likes of YouTube, A1 Telekom Austria, and Google – will share their stories on holding the world’s attention.

2. Discover the Trends

The foundation of social marketing is insights. And at Engage London 2014, you’ll discover how insights help achieve business goals. Campaign effectiveness, social customer care, and content are each optimized with a little homework.

Insights on demographics, interactions, and content for multiple platforms will be delivered exclusively at Engage London 2014. At a time when campaign effectiveness relies on these insights – no marketer can be left behind.

3. Learn the Tools

Turning a business into a social enterprise is a big task. It requires a special attention to data. But the solution isn’t more caffeine – it’s having the right solutions!

At Engage London 2014, the world’s finest in social marketing will share their analytics solutions, insights, and teach all in attendance – on site and online! – the value and techniques for running exceptional social campaigns and customer care.

Engage London 2014 – Live and Direct

It’s quite simple: if you’re not engaged, you’re not a social marketer. Engage London 2014 is not just about the future of social marketing, it’s about having the insights and experience to perform smarter and faster than the competition.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity. Get all the the insights, solutions, and techniques you’ll need to supercharge your social campaigns this year, and for years to come.

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