The Exciting Future of Socialbakers Analytics

I’m proud and excited to announce what’s coming in the next release of the product that’s at the heart of everything that Socialbakers does - Socialbakers Analytics.

The Exciting Future of Socialbakers Analytics

We have a strong heritage of innovation, and this release is no exception. With Socialbakers Analytics V3.0, we are set to provide the world’s first unified enterprise social analytics suite.

Today, there are more platforms to post to, more communities to manage, more campaigns to optimize, and more data sets to analyze than ever before. To make things easier, Socialbakers Analytics V3.0 will feature a new customizable, multi-platform dashboard that will offer a unified overview of all platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, VK, and later, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+ – in one view.

In addition, Socialbakers Analytics V3.0 will feature a new, enhanced competitive analytics capability that will allow social marketers the unprecedented ability to compare the performance (simultaneously!) of up to 10 profiles, benchmarks, or custom groupings against our full set of advanced metrics.

We have introduced a new way to categorize groups of pages that will enable social strategists to ‘tag’ pages and content together in order to follow specific targets. These custom groups can then be compared to one another – providing the ultimate overview of clients, customers, and competition. With the new Socialbakers Analytics, decision-makers will have the power to make a competitive analysis that is as flexible, specific, and tailored as possible.

One of things that our clients always tell us is that they love Socialbakers solutions is because they are so easy to use. The system is intuitive, easy to use, and just plain works. We may be making some serious enhancements, but the user interface will remain best-in-class in terms of usability and simplicity. We want to improve marketers’ performance, enhance workflows, and ultimately improve people’s lives – and we want to do it without over-complicating things. Socialbakers Analytics V3.0 achieves that and then some.

Any good strategy is built on strong, actionable reporting. With Socialbakers Analytics V3.0, reporting will be easier, more intuitive, and more comprehensive. Marketers can create custom reports based on head-to-head performance across all pages across all platforms across all KPI’s, and have it all sent automatically to team members as often as desired.

Reports can be tailored so the CEO gets the big picture, the brand manager sees the latest trends, and the marketing team gets actionable insights – automatically distributed, all from the same solution, all when you need them most.

All of this will be built over a new, sleeker user interface with an enhanced user rights management function that will help social media pros be better, smarter, and faster when it counts.

Overall, some of the new features in Socialbakers Analytics V3.0 include:

Customizable multi-platform dashboard,

Enhanced competitive analysis with multiple comparisons,

New design and a better user experience,

Advanced user rights management system,

Easier, more intuitive, and more comprehensive reporting, and

Tighter Facebook Insights integration.

We expect to start upgrading clients to Socialbakers Analytics V3.0 in Summer 2014 through a progressive rollout. We expect the transition to be seamless, and will be testing all changes very carefully to ensure the utmost in quality.

It’s going to be an exciting year!

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

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