Breaking news: Hurricane Irene leads Facebook posts

Facebook was again one of the major information sources

Breaking news: Hurricane Irene leads Facebook posts

Almost all news channels were in the past days, and during the weekend in particular, filled with the information about the progression of Hurricane Irene heading towards major U.S. cities on the Eastern Seaboard. One of the worse damages and evacuation initiatives were expected in the New York City, which the Hurricane Irene hit on Sunday morning. is constantly monitoring the major media Facebook pages, which inform citizens about next steps in evacuation plans, potential returns to homes after the floods and expected time of restoring the power.

Top media channels bringing information about the hurricane on their Facebook pages were FOX NEWS and CNN. We also paid particular attention to The Weather Channel and Let’s take a closer look at each one of them.

Fox News

According to the Socialbakers Engagement Analytics, Fox News registered over weekend increase of 4,294 fans, who wanted to get instant information about the hurricane news. However, what was interesting on the page, was incredible increase in the Engagement Rate, which was 85% of its absolute maximum*! Only in Saturday, the page recorded 22,398 interactions (16,585 Facebook Likes and 5,813 Facebook Comments).


CNN posted on Saturday, August 27th, together 3 status posts, which received “only” 2,340 total interactions (1,579 Facebook Likes and 761 Facebook Comments). Although CNN can be happy to have biggest number of fans (2,971,957) its engagement rate achieved lower 57% score (20% out of 35% max).

The Weather Channel and

The Weather Channel was enjoying very stable growth of fans over the past three days. Expressed in numbers, it was remarkable 7% of constant growth, which on August 28th represented 21,391 fans! Although link (21%) dominates the type of posts published by the page admin (over status 2%, and photo 3%), pictures receive definitely greater portion of engagement – more than 59%.

Overview of profiled media channels:

*Engagement Rate was 30% of the maximum score 35%. ER is calculated as total interactions on the page compared with the number of page posts and total number of fans.

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