Official Press Release: Socialbakers Innovates New Tech

Socialbakers, a top SaaS firm with bases in Prague, London, and New York, has developed a new social media management tool called the Executive Dashboard which is designed to make page comparisons easier to dissect for brand managers.

Official Press Release: Socialbakers Innovates New Tech

The Executive Dashboard, created by senior Socialbaker Nikola Pantovic, is a customized solution for collecting and comparing all of a brand’s social activities over time and against both their competition and pre-set benchmarks. It provides both textual and graphic data presentations.

“The Executive Dashboard enables marketing teams to organize, prioritize, and galvanize insights from data, all while using their budget and resources wisely. It can also help them report to higher management, demonstrate the value of the team’s social media efforts, implement them within the organization, and measure the impact of social media efforts on the company’s overall business,” Pantovic said. “It is by far the best way to receive data.”

Pantovic and Socialbakers have crafted other market-leading services in the past, and are working on building up others. Among Pantovic’s team’s accomplishments is the Social Command Center, a futuristic grouping of massive screens that unifies data for whole social media teams. Pantovic envisions a near-future in which the Executive Dashboard will feature prominently on Social Command Centers around the world. In his current role as Account Manager, he meets with clients to discuss their ideas and needs. Many, he says, have expressed interest in such a future.

“Since I’ve been with Socialbakers, I’ve sort of seen every part of the business take shape. Even before we had formal teams, I worked on the Sales end, the Marketing end, with Socialbakers Plus (the unit that created the Social Command Center)…but now, meeting with clients to discuss how they see social analytics taking shape, and being able to work with the brilliant talent we have here to make their ideas reality…that’s what I’m most proud of.”

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