Socialbakers Acquires Social Insider, Appoints Josef Slerka Head of R&D

At the Babel Talk conference in Prague last month, Socialbakers announced its acquisition of social listening company Social Insider, bringing with it a unique position as an industry innovator capable of incredible creative insight.

Socialbakers Acquires Social Insider, Appoints Josef Slerka Head of R&D

Among the exciting new services Socialbakers will now be able to offer are:

  • Cluster analysis, with perfected visualizations of social media activity
  • Social impact measurement for various segmented communities
  • Mention exportation and alerts

By adding Social Insiders, Socialbakers improves upon our already-robust analytics and optimization solutions. We are also thrilled to gain one of the best minds working in social media today.

Josef Slerka, Social Insider’s Managing Director and Head of New Media Studies at Charles University in Prague, will become the Head of Research and Development for Socialbakers. He’ll take the technology that has been innovated and fine-tuned at Social Insiders and, as part of Socialbakers Professional Services team, deploy it to help customers receive in-depth, custom qualitative metric analysis.

The move allows Social Insider to push even further towards perfecting their product. We’re thrilled to have them on board – and excited to see what fruits this partnership bears.

In the coming months, Socialbakers will look to expand its network by bringing in top companies from other spheres of social media analysis, with a consistent eye towards integrating technology and talent that will improve our ability to help brands exceed their marketing goals. We’re not content to accept things the way they are. Instead, we seek to progress in every respect, always. With the cooperation of firms like Social Insider, that progress is becoming our reality.

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