Pin this Tweet: Twitter Makes Big Moves

In a move widely considered a shift from news-centrism toward appealing to the unregistered masses, Twitter has issued a thorough redesign that emphasizes photos, rewards virality, and encourages user interactivity. Advertisers need to take notice.

Pin this Tweet: Twitter Makes Big Moves

Major Moves

The redesign is highlighted by three major formatting changes.

  1. Pinned Tweets
  2. Engagement-buffered Tweets
  3. Expanded cover photo

Its overall effect has been noted as giving users a more Facebook-like experience. That means that it is heavy on images with higher resolutions, and is generally a more multifaceted site now, visually speaking. And with the service gearing up for more new users, now is the perfect time to start understanding how they respond to branded content by using an independent analytics tool.

Twitter, long known as the network with the hardest “activation barrier” to overcome for initiating new users (and subsequently, making it difficult to attract new users who were put off by its reputation as being difficult to use), hopes to become less intimidating to a wider audience. The move should pay dividends, and will likely prove valuable for marketers hoping to target new clients on Twitter.

So now, more than ever, it is extremely important that brands understand how their Twitter page is performing. Get to know all of the metrics with Socialbakers Analytics, and take advantage of Twitter’s redesign before other marketers beat you to your increasingly Twitter-savvy target audience.

How the New Twitter Looks

The LA Times' new Twitter profile
The LA Times’ new Twitter profile

The cover photo allows for a more distinctive, memorable iconography for page visitors – but having the profile picture overlap it keeps your page’s avatar (in brands’ cases, ordinarily a logo) prominent. The composite effect is fantastic for brands – it allows you to showcase a single image that characterizes your company, with the profile photo’s superimposition making sure that visitors associate the larger image – the LA Skyline, in this case – with the brand logo. It is a streamlined, effective way to increase brand association.

You can also see the size difference between the tweets. Lesser engaged tweets remain in normal font, while more engaged ones are expanded. It creates a sort of ‘feedback loop’, in which the more a tweet is engaged, the more likely it is to grow and attract more engagement. This favors successful posts while not doing anything to detract from less successful posts. All in all, the three major changes should work as elegant solutions to a difficult problem. How does the 2nd biggest social network attract advertisers as well as its big brother does? By looking more like it. When in social, do as Facebook does.

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