Implementing Broader Social Metrics

At Engage London, we announced a new phase of social media maturity. Previously we focussed on measuring if a brand was Socially Devoted, but we’ve now added a new phase - being Socially Native. Measuring social media efforts allows you to align with your overarching business goals and integrate social media with your other big data sources.

Implementing Broader Social Metrics

The first step in achieving the all-encompassing social media maturity that is being Social Native is to understand what you need to measure. Many companies measure social media for the sake of measurement, without a clear goal to guide their actions. Businesses need to have a clear strategy, and to align the metrics they are studying with the underlying goal of understanding how data can impact strategy.

Your particular strategy and goals will vary depending upon your business and industry. Most businesses will want to measure the core social metrics that apply to nearly all companies. Those at the Socially Devoted level move up a step in their development and therefore need better metrics that allow them to measure their performance at a deeper level. Companies at this stage typically include competitive metrics such as engagement rate, fan growth, and more.

However, Socially Native companies are rare. These companies integrate broader social metrics deeply into their businesses to leverage the insights that they generate. This data runs through all levels of the business and fundamentally drives their decision making.

Becoming Socially Native requires full integration of social media into the business, as shown below:

The key for businesses is to align social metrics to business goals and allow deeper integration between social metrics and overall aims. Consider finding a whole range of social metrics that will help you measure your achievement of different goals.

In the matrix below you can see an example of goals and KPIs of an Ad Campaign that uses different layers of data. It can include competitive social metrics such as total interactions, private social metrics such as reach and clicks, online data such as website traffic or app installs and, of course, it tracks actions such as purchases that drive your sales.

If you have aspire to be a truly Socially Native brand, don’t simply stick to the popular metrics. If they don’t fit your needs, don’t rely on them. Instead, deeply integrate social data that aligns with your business needs and optimises your strategy on an ongoing basis.

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