Is Facebook population aging?

Facebook has its demographic dynamics as well

Is Facebook population aging?

Since 2005 it is possible to get more complex statistical data about the adult internet population using social networking. The growth was relatively stable and slow until 2008 – that time it was 13%. Yes, not too much given that today it is more than 65%. Therefore Socialbakers have looked at the age distribution and found out interesting outcomes in terms of the age range that is prevalent in the world’s biggest Facebook countries.

Looking at the overall numbers, 51% of internet Baby Boomers are using social networks, which is quite remarkable given the fact that the oldest members of this generation have today 64 years. Generally speaking, women are outperforming men in terms of using social networks. In particular, women are leading the gender ratio in UK (52%), US (55%), India (72%), while men are leading in Indonesia (61%) and Turkey (63%). Data from Socialbakers country statistics.

Although the figures look interesting, according to the surveys, most of the senior users are not using social media daily compared to their younger fellow users, who are very close to be as much frequently involved with the social networks as they are with email and search engine. Nevertheless, looking at the Socialbakers age distribution charts; two age groups of 45–54 until 55–64 are outperforming or are reaching very closely to the most active one (35–44).

Age Growth on Facebook in United Kingdom

Age Growth on Facebook in United States

The data we collected using analytics and The Pew Research Centre

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