The World Cup & The Bite Tweeted ‘Round the World

The 2014 World Cup had some great goals, excellent ad campaigns, and one bite. On June 24th, when Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini’s left shoulder, it was the third time he had bitten an opponent during a match, and everyone - fans, FIFA, and brands - took note.

The World Cup & The Bite Tweeted ‘Round the World

Here, with data taken from our Cheermeter, we see the effect of “The Bite” and how a couple of brands took advantage.

In a recent blog post, Twitter discussed how consistent, engaging accounts typically reach about 30% of their follower base. Some, like @Tridentgum (who were one of the better tweeters on the Suarez bite topic), experienced phenomenal reach – in Trident’s case, the size of their follower base!

These numbers underscore how incredibly important it is to gain and retain Twitter followers with great content, like this:

or this:

Snickers’ post scored an off-the-charts 31.32% tweet Engagement Rate!

Look at what those individual posts did for the overall number of brand mentions Snickers and Nando’s got during the World Cup.

And how that spike in mentions correlated with a spike in follower growth, as well:

Take a bite out of that, Luis. The brands chasing engagement numbers like these won’t mind at all that you did.

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