Tech & Social media: what to look for in September!

The most interesting conferences you definitely should not miss

Tech & Social media: what to look for in September!

September is traditionally bringing new opportunities from all market areas and creates expectations about new releases to look for. September also opens important season for the social media and brings to the attention tech summits and marketing conferences from all over the world. We reviewed the most interesting ones; Socialbakers will be present at some of them as well!

Socialmedia Worldforum Asia, Singapore Sept. 1–2

Recommended to marketing experts, business development executives, entrepreneurs, social media managers, bloggers and more; to educate, share knowledge, network, and exchange ideas that mean something.

Content Marketing World 2011, Cleveland, OH Sept. 6–8

Great opportunity for marketing experts to learn about the power of storytelling. High profile conference speakers will talk about the areas of marketing to increase powerful customer engagement. If you attend this one, make sure to connect to as ideal if not necessary bridge to get the desired Facebook fan engagement.

DEMO Fall 2011, Silicon Valley, CA Sept. 12–13

Technology conference, one of its kinds with focus on emerging technologies and new products innovations, which are hand selected from across the spectrum of the technology marketplace. The DEMO conferences have earned their reputation for consistently identifying cutting-edge technologies and Socialbakers will be there!

Search Marketing Expo, New York, NY Sept. 13–15

Provides in-depth sessions on hot marketing topics such as SEO, paid search advertising and social media marketing on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

TechCrunch Disrupt, San Francisco Sept. 12–14

For entrepreneurs, new companies and products, for hackers with inspirational speakers, parties and more.

Social Media Summit 2011, Harrisburg, Penn Sept. 14

Brings together diverse topics and speakers to ensure diversity and stimulating atmosphere…for all “who wish to think about the impact of social media beyond marketing and brand building”.

Social Media Week, Los Angeles Sept. 19–23

From Beirut, through Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, to Vancouver, this worldwide conference is attracting entrepreneurs, bloggers, brand managers, CMO’s, social media strategists, artists, and journalists. Social Media Week in Los Angeles is particularly important for its depth and quality of events and topics discussed with great positive feedback! Socialbakers is very excited to be in Los Angeles!

Directional Media Strategies, Denver, Colorado Sept. 20–22

SMEs are spending enormous amounts on media and advertising (tens of billions of dollars); and 70 percent is predicted to be allocated on online and digital media by 2015. This summit will therefore talk about the how to use this money effectively and what are the most important marketing solutions for small businesses.

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