Social Customer Care: Nike Goes Local on Twitter

Brands on Twitter were asked nearly 3 million questions in Q2. That number will only go up.

Social Customer Care: Nike Goes Local on Twitter

Brands that are already ahead of the game have customer support teams dedicated to answering customer questions on social. The Socially Devoted initiative recognizes those brands – the ones that respond to at least 65% of questions posted by followers.

It’s a hard target to hit! The reality is that 98% of brands on Twitter with 500,000+ Followers aren’t meeting demand. Just 18 brands on Twitter joined the Socially Devoted club in Q2.

From these “First Timers,” one of the most interesting things we found was what local brands were doing. Social media is another channel to communicate with customers to ultimately increase sales – everyone loves ROPO. But finding the direct relationship that attributes sales growth with social media marketing efforts and showing how they are meeting KPIs has yet to mature. Brands have to create content that sparks action – and then find ways to measure and replicate it.

On Twitter, Nike Georgetown and Nike Los Angeles might have discovered the magic formula. They have launched some tactical strategies that will allow them to truly measure the ROI of their social media campaigns. Here’s the thing, they are local, concentrated on their community, and their content gives a clear, usually offline call-to-action.

For instance, when a new shoe hits stores, they often don’t give a link or mention buying them online – simply, if you want them, check ’em out at the Nike store in Santa Monica. The stores can then gauge who comes for the shoes. Some of the content from both Twitter handles are interrelated, but they can vary too. Nike Georgetown, much like Nike LA, also create posts that bring the community together:

The largest increase in followers both profiles experienced between Q1 and Q2 was on March 13 with the debut of the Nike Free campaign. Their LA Twitter handle promoted the 4.0 & 5.0 shoes with customizable options, whereas Georgetown introduced the entire collection of Nike Free online. LA gained 141,682 new followers and Georgetown gained 87, 821 followers.

In terms of response rates, Nike Georgetown performed better, answering 70% of all questions in an average of 12 hours or less, and Nike LA came in at 67% and with an average response time of 16 hours.

What is the marketing takeaway from this? More than ever, brands realize the importance of customer care on social – it helps gain new potential customers, increases brand awareness and loyalty, and helps retain customer relationships. That is why being Socially Devoted is such a great benchmark for brands utilizing these platforms. As was shown through Nike’s local profile examples, there are ways to measure social ROI – specifically find ways marketing campaigns on social can create a buzz around your brand or product and get customers to your store.

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