The New Socially Devoted: U.S. Brands Put Care First on Facebook

It’s time to recognize the brands that made our Socially Devoted list for the first time in Q2. In Q2, we welcomed more than 100 brands on Facebook to the Socially Devoted club.

The New Socially Devoted: U.S. Brands Put Care First on Facebook

Already in 2014, among the more than 60,000 Pages and Profiles we analyze, customers have asked roughly 9 million questions on Facebook and Twitter combined. Demand is crazy and it’s only going to rise.

Brands – the smart ones at least – know this and already have customer support teams in place responding to questions on social.

We believe brands should respond to at least 65% of questions posted by Fans – our Socially Devoted benchmark. It’s a hard standard to achieve! Think about this, according to our Q2 results, 82% of the largest brands on Facebook (500,000+ Fans) and 98% on Twitter (500,000+ Followers) aren’t meeting the demand. And that’s precisely why we like to recognize those that made our Socially Devoted list for the first time. Let’s take a look at the top performing “first timers” that had the highest increase in response rates compared to last quarter.

Orange, a Telecommunication brand from Spain, responded to 78.5% of questions with an average response time of 13 hours. Of all the first timers, they had the highest increase in their response rate – they improved 72 percentage points from Q1!

Budweiser is almost King. They usually answered questions within 20 hours and responded to more than 65% of questions – a 41 point increase compared to last quarter.

And Virgin Atlantic flew in, responding to 81% of questions with an average response time of 18 hours. They improved their response rate more than 30 points from last quarter.

AT&T have been steadily improving their response rates since Q1 of 2013, with an average increased response rate of 5% per quarter. They just hit our benchmark in Q2 2014 with a 7 point increase from last quarter, and responded to 67% of questions, usually within 5 hours or less. Of all the Socially Devoted first-timers, they received more questions than any other brand.

Sears had a stellar response rate in Q2 – they answered 91% of questions with a very respectable average response time of 3 hours. The Sears team improved the brand’s response rate by 49 percentage points from the previous quarter.

The marketing takeaway is this: In an age where people communicate daily on social networks, the best way to reach customers and improve your brand’s reputation using these media.

Facebook has maintained its status as a Socially Devoted platform for the past two quarters – out of the 1.5 million questions asked among the 54,000 Facebook Pages Socialbakers analyzes, 67% of those questions were responded to by brands. This provides brands with the potential to gain new customers and increase brand awareness and loyalty, which can help to retain current customer relationships.

Some brands get it – they realize the potential of the social customer care market and are investing more money, time, and energy into improving their efforts. That’s why our Socially Devoted benchmark is such a great way for brands to see how they compare to their competitors. Congratulations to those that made our Socially Devoted club this quarter – welcome to smart social marketing!

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