STARTUP WEEK: Europe’s Internet Elite is coming to Vienna

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STARTUP WEEK: Europe’s Internet Elite is coming to Vienna

Every day, 100 investors, 70 speakers, 50 start-ups and 1,000 guests will meet at the first European festival for Internet startups and companies in October. Socialbakers CEO and Co-Founder Jan Rezab will talk about the New Social Media Insights.

Between the 3rd and the 7th of October Vienna becomes the European Center for Internet and mobile startups. At the STARTUP WEEK 2011 the most innovative young entrepreneurs from Germany, Austria and Central and Eastern Europe will encounter on the risk capital of more than 100 business angels and venture capitalists.

STARTUP WEEK: Focus Events, Challenge and Conference

The STARTUP WEEK is a festival that consists of one main event, including a challenge with 50 European startups, and several focus events spread all over Vienna, covering specific topics like Gaming, Social Entrepreneurship, E-Health, a Hackathon or Design.

Startup Days – October 3rd & 4th

Startups participating in the challenge are given the opportunity to participate in workshops on Monday, October 3rd. Preliminary rounds to get to the Top 10 startups are on Tuesday. The Top 10 startups are given the chance to pitch at the TechCrunch

Day, which is on Thursday, in front of a top-class investor panel.

Conference Days – October 5th, 6th, 7th

The general program of the STARTUP WEEK is a congress with 70 Top Speakers. 40 Speakers are confirmed so far, from Esther Dyson & Reshma Sohoni to Morten Lund & Stefan Glänzer. October 6th is the TechCrunch Day and thereby moderated by Mike Butcher.


The STARTUP WEEK is organized by STARTeurope and supported by Initial Factor as well as TechCrunch Europe. Partners of the STARTUP WEEK are besides others, impulse, the Industriellenvereinigung, Konica Minolta and the Vienna Design Week.

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