Engage NYC Speaker Amy Brix talks Smarter Social Marketing

TUI Travel PLC, a leading European travel brand, wanted to coordinate best practices across their markets and report their successes to upper management. Socialbakers helped make this happen.

Engage NYC Speaker Amy Brix talks Smarter Social Marketing

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It can be difficult to get more than 250 brands on the same page, especially when that page is actually multiple pages – each brand operating on several networks, aiming to accomplish different business goals in different parts of the world. A recipe for chaos.

Join Amy at #Engage2014 in New York on October 23rd!

Join Amy at #Engage2014 in New York on October 23rd!

When you aim to be the best in your industry, and your industry relies on offering fantastic customer service on every channel, you need to be able to understand your performance, make your community managers aware of that at all times, and translate that into reports your company’s Board of Directors can clearly and quickly understand.

“Before Socialbakers, our Question Response Rate was something like 57%. In just two quarters, it jumped to 97%.”

That’s Amy Brix, European E-commerce Executive at TUI Travel PLC, Europe’s leader in leisure travel. She had the tough job of aligning the social media strategies and best practices for hundreds of brands with varied business objectives. But when the UK office experienced great results using Socialbakers Analytics’ data-driven insights to power their business, TUI contracted Socialbakers to work with their brands on a global level.

With Socialbakers, the Difference is Clear

Almost instantaneously, the difference was clear. Analytics helped the TUI team define social customer service and social marketing as two distinct, necessary components of a strong social media strategy. Armed with the data she needed to show brands when they were underperforming, TUI’s brands pushed to the front of their industry, becoming one of the most Socially Devoted brands on Facebook – in fact, they finished with four of the top five Pages in their vertical.

“It really helped to have a tool like Socialbakers Analytics that had such an easy-to-use Interface and great training sessions available whenever we needed them, so that we could bring any new community manager and holiday representative around the world on board smoothly. The system allowed us not only to get the competitive context we needed to know, but also helped our brands share their best practices,” says Brix. “It gave visibility to our core KPIs, and the excellent UI and easy login made it easy to explain results to our Board of Directors.”

Brix added that the Board now requests monthly updates using data from Socialbakers Analytics.

Having a common dashboard was also a huge help, Brix noted, as it helped TUI expand their social strategy seamlessly across markets. “It had a very flexible implementation.”

“I even like knowing that other brands using Socialbakers can check on our stats, as well. We embrace the competition and the chance to excel. Without Socialbakers Analytics, we would not be where we are today.”

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