Telco Leader Orange Talks Social Customer Care at Engage NYC 2014

Join us at Engage NYC to learn the secrets to success in social customer care from Lionel Fumado, Head of Social Media at Orange, one of the top 10 brands for customer care on Facebook globally.

Telco Leader Orange Talks Social Customer Care at Engage NYC 2014

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“Once we have taken care of customer queries, we can use our social media pages to drive conversation to other topics like innovation, digital life, collaborative content, and our sponsorship in sport, cinema, and music festivals,” explains Fumado, commenting on the best practices of customer care vs. creating content for Likes.

Join Lionel at #Engage2014

Join Lionel at #Engage2014

Orange is a Telecommunications provider serving more than 230 million customers worldwide. Online, they are in an industry that receives more questions from customers on Facebook than any other vertical – in Q2 of 2014, Telecoms received nearly half a million questions and responded to 82%, making it the second-best industry globally by Question Response Rate.

The sheer scale is impressive, and Orange is at the top. In the past year, they have responded to 98% of more than 27,600 questions asked by Fans on Facebook – in 20 minutes or less, on average! Their efforts have not gone unrecognized; they set a precedent with these numbers by becoming Socially Devoted – Socialbakers’ benchmark for recognizing the best brands in every industry that are dedicated to customer care on social.

Customer Care First

On October 23rd in New York, Lionel will share how their social media strategy helped them to achieve Socially Devoted status through his keynote at Engage NYC. Orange seeks to be a brand it’s audience can see as friendly and trustworthy, and by providing quality customer care and services, they further that goal. Their team is connected to Community Managers in more than 30 countries who help facilitate that process on social.

Lionel will describe how Orange built an award winning strategy, and the impressive results in Q2 alone – they have 7 million Fans on Facebook and growing – have increased their Fan count by 360,000!

Socialbakers Analytics is big part of Orange’s success. Lionel firmly believes in understanding the difference between spontaneous brand engagement and created engagement on social – which is why Orange measures their brand performance against their competition in every market.

“What we are trying to do now when we are launching social media campaigns worldwide, is to monitor how our content is shared in real time, so we can optimize our sponsored content. One of the keys to success is to push the right content at the right place at the right time,” he says. A big part of Orange’s plan for the immediate future is to build a “social hub” which will help Lionel’s team monitor the global brand, while also empowering local teams, and producing more efficient real-time earned and paid media.

It takes a sound approach and a dedicated team in place to effectively answer this volume of consumer queries at this incredible speed. Come to Engage NYC 2014 and learn more from the Telecommunications leader in social customer care who is always looking for their next innovative success story.

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