Garanti Shows how Social Media is Revolutionizing Banks

Garanti has changed the idea of what it means to bank in one of the world’s fastest-rising social economies, placing them at the forefront of their industry. Come see them at Engage NYC in 2014.

Garanti Shows how Social Media is Revolutionizing Banks

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Using Socialbakers to Revolutionize Banking

In Turkey, Socialbakers client Garanti Bank aims to position their brand as a global leader in social. They have succeeded largely through implementing data-driven, visionary innovations, earning recognition from numerous outlets, including consecutive Global Finance magazine awards for their work on social media.

For instance, they recognized that many first-time loan applicants spend much of their time on Facebook, on both mobile and desktop. To respond to this demand, they created a Loan Application process that functioned entirely through Facebook. In addition to reaching an audience without having to take them out of their comfort zone, they got tons of free content out of it – any time someone interacted with the Facebook loan application, it was eligible to appear as a story on their friends’ News Feeds.

It worked incredibly well – 200,000 offers were claimed, with more than 5,000 in the first 2 hours the campaign was live.

Using Socialbakers Builder, Garanti was able to organize all incoming questions that came into its “Ask Garanti” account. That includes over 2,000 inquiries a month on Twitter, and more than 2,500 on Facebook.

“With Builder, we’re able to focus more on content creation and less on management. Scheduling posts and publishing on one screen lets our community managers save time to focus on content,” says Sezin Gul Tanriverdi, Garanti’s Social Platforms Business Development and Marketing Manager.

Garanti recognized that social could drive all of their wider business KPIs. “It’s important to reach the current and potential customers via the medium they use on a daily basis,” Tanriverdi added. “Creating engaging content is absolutely essential in order to stay visible.”

They recently celebrated being Liked by 1.5 million Fans – more than any other bank in Europe – but how they reached those fans in a varied, practical way is the real story here. To these smarter social marketers, it wasn’t the metric that counted, but the engagement they created with various apps, content, and campaigns that led to it and drove their business goals forward.

Garanti is at #Engage2014

At #Engage2014 in NYC, Garanti will talk about how to dynamically pursue opportunities to expand in social media, whatever your vertical may be. See how far smarter social marketing can take your brand.

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