Now You Can Manage All of Your Twitter Ads with Socialbakers

We’ve integrated Twitter Ads into Socialbakers’ Ad Analytics. Now, advertisers can create performance goals, automatically boost top-performing content, and stop under-performing campaigns on both Twitter and Facebook from one easy-to-use solution.

Now You Can Manage All of Your Twitter Ads with Socialbakers

Social marketers need a robust social ads strategy. You need to be able to identify your best-performing content and promote it to the right audience at the right time.

With Twitter Ads integration, Socialbakers now provides an industry-leading integrated multi-platform social ad management tool. You can promote your Twitter content where you want, when you want – from anywhere in the world.

This means that with Socialbakers Ad Analytics, you can centralize all of your Twitter and Facebook advertising and take full control of your social advertising strategy.

Nearly $10 billion will be spent on social ads in 2014 – even more when you count the other business costs involved in running a solid social team. Combined, more than a billion and a half people use Facebook and Twitter every month. The scale and opportunity in the social ad space is almost staggering.

Benchmark ALL of Your Social Ads

Advertising at the same time effectively on two major social platforms is tough. You need insights and you need to know how your ads are performing against the competition. With Socialbakers Ad Analytics, you can benchmark all of your social ads by Industry, Region, Ad Type/Objectives, and Ad Placement. You’ll get the full view of your performance against the KPIs that are the most important to your business.

That’s right: Create, manage, benchmark, and optimize all of your social ads in one place, only with us.

Try Socialbakers Ads for Twitter, and give your team the tools it needs to get the most ROI from your social ad spend.


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