Your Guide to the New

At, you’ll find a completely revamped website. Everything, our free stats, industry-leading benchmarks, social media blog, has been improved.

Your Guide to the New

The New Homepage

No more static screens. The new is beautifully designed and both tablet- and mobile-friendly, with rich graphics that show off our massive database of free statistics for each major platform with easy-to-use, responsive framework. From large-scale design changes to more technical details like color-coding and an autocomplete search bar, we made sure everything was done to make your experience smooth and valuable.

All of our Solutions in One Place

Find all of our products in one location – and navigate easily among networks in each.

The Socialbakers Blog, more impressive than ever

Now readers will be able to navigate the blog by author, tag, or category, with View and Share information tallied in real-time.

Client Success Stories

Now, we can share our clients’ spectacular successes better than ever. With a dynamic format and easy scaling process, you’ll be able to learn how top global clients have used Socialbakers to enhance their marketing.

Industry and Regional Reports

Now, you’ll be able to get more specific, actionable reports that break down Industry activity in each Region.

Come Explore!

We remade to help make Smarter Social Marketing even easier. See what it can do for you!

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See how the Socialbakers platform will help your business succeed on social media. Our experts will provide you with a personalized walkthrough tailored to your business objectives.