Welcome to the Next Generation of Social Marketing

We’ve given Socialbakers.com a complete makeover. With a new responsive design, easier navigation, completely re-designed stats portals, and so much more, the industry leader in social data just got a whole lot better.

Welcome to the Next Generation of Social Marketing

Today is a big day for Socialbakers, our team and clients from all over the world. For more than five years, we’ve tried to be a step ahead of the the social insights game. We count half of the global Fortune 500 as clients, provide a best-in-class social marketing suite, and let more people see more social data for free than any other source.

What we’ve done is more than just a redesign – we have re-thought our whole approach to what our website can and should be for our audience. That starts with our most popular offerings – free stats on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+. We track more social profiles than anyone else, and turn that data into insights that marketers and researchers can use for any number of things.

Get the most free social media statistics anywhere

Now, you can compare social performance for three brands for free by industry and region.

You can’t do that anywhere else.

Interested in how airlines in the US fare on Twitter? We’ve got you covered. Want to look at FMCG brands in Brazil? No problem. In just a couple of clicks you can get real, actionable insights into the social performance of the brands and regions that matter most to you. Mobile and tablet-friendly, the new Socialbakers.com is faster and more organized, allowing you to go through our data more efficiently than ever before. When you’re logged in, you can bookmark pages or profiles with one click, so you’ll always be close to the numbers you need.

See which brands are leading different industries and regions

This is especially exciting for clients, as we have improved the integration of our social marketing suite into the site. Now, you can monitor any profile you come across on the site in your Socialbakers solution right from the page. One click, and you’re tracking the page or profile in Socialbakers Analytics.

We knew it was important to improve our web presentation. As Socialbakers has expanded – especially in the last year – our audience has too. We have a million people a month coming to use our website as their home for stats, insights, and industry knowhow. For me personally, this is pretty humbling given how this all started. With the redesign, we tried to put ourselves in our audience’s shoes – clients and non-clients alike. We made the new site beautifully simple – more visual, less cluttered, and more action-based. People come to our site to get anything from stats and information to free trials (hint hint!) – and we put those things first and foremost.

If you want numbers, you’ll get them, clutter-free and easy to read. The navigation is simple and straight-forward, making visits to the site more efficient and ultimately more rewarding for our audience.

Our goal has always been to be the go-to source for social marketers – for stats, for thought leadership, for everything you need to deliver real value from social. Our vision is to enable marketers everywhere to engage with people in the most social way possible.

Take the new site for a spin – check out our regional and industry reports, free stats, industry-leading studies, and best-in-class solutions – and see what our unrivaled database can do for your social marketing. Put simply, we wanted to build a new portal that will help you reach your goals and engage with your audience like never before.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new site – good and bad. Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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