5 Tricks for a Stress-Free Holiday

The holiday spirit is in the air for those planning a yuletide celebration. But for the social marketer who knows how important this time is for connecting to shopping audiences, it might not be the season to be jolly at all. To save yourself some major stress this holiday season, we came up with a couple of time-saving social marketing tips and tricks, specifically conceived to help you beat the holiday rush.

5 Tricks for a Stress-Free Holiday

It’s Smarter Social Marketing

1. Create a festive brand image

Social is the best marketing avenue for showing off your brand’s personality. Think of your brand as a person who will celebrate the holiday and ask yourself how they would do it. Decide whether you will offer promotions (and on which social network), and see what else makes sense for that brand image to do for the season.

For many brands that have a 360-degree approach to their communication, social will act as an amplification channel for marketing communications and campaigns run through other channels. Whether social is your primary or secondary comms channel, be ready with a set holiday campaign plan, and stick with it.

2. Schedule content to free up time

Chances are, you will want to spend more time with your family and friends, and less time posting content for your job. Free up your time with an enterprise publishing tool, like Socialbakers Builder.

If you use native tools to schedule posts, your social campaign will be contained to just Facebook. For marketers who need to schedule on other platforms, like Twitter, a social media management tool is a must. Also, you may want to include Google+ in your campaign, as using G+ can boost your Google search ranking.

3. Create buzz around your brand with user participation

Engage your fans and blow up your organic reach by asking them to participate. Consider the fact that your social media presence is dependent on all of your communication efforts. You can create cross-channel participation by asking users to submit photos to a more fitting channel like Instagram and then reusing the best submissions as Facebook or Twitter content. Bonus points for creating a unique and easily spreadable hashtag.

4. Create a Contest

One thing you can do to capitalize on user participation is create a contest. You might need to employ an aggregator like Socialbakers Builder to collect all the posts for the competition.

If you are boosting your content to get higher participation in a campaign such as this, be aware of targeting and segmentation. Different regions in the world are celebrating different holidays at different times, and you want to be able to get the right message to the right audience. If you are supporting your campaign with some cash, make sure to create smart clusters that are relevant to your brand and audience by using a tool like Socialbakers Ads.

5. Monitor and measure results

As with any campaign, you need to be able to track progression, mentions, reach, and how your social media success connects to the bottom line. Employ a deep data analytics tool like Socialbakers Analytics for this purpose and stay ahead of the curve.

One of the main things that you need to monitor is Engagement, as this metric ties in well with Reach and connects to your bottom line. Another point to consider is: how many of your Interactions are coming from mobile? According to our data, mobile engagement with social content is growing fast: on Twitter, mobile brand mentions are now 7× times more frequent they were in 2012. Be aware of this and adapt your content accordingly.

In the end, be sure you are picking the social media management tools that will amplify your work and suit all your needs. During the holiday season those are the tools that will help you save some time and trouble and allow you to not be stuck at your computer screen.

Relax and celebrate! Happy Holidays!

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