10 Tips for Mastering Facebook Marketing

Simply posting a ton of content from your Facebook page isn’t going to impress anyone. To get people paying attention to your brand, there are some essential rules you need to remember.

10 Tips for Mastering Facebook Marketing

1. Post When Your Audience Is Active

Here’s a little exercise: Walk into an empty room, and tell everyone there exactly why your business matters to them. How many people will respond?

That’s why you need to be posting when your audience is most active.

Facebook uses many factors to determine the reach of your post. One of them is time decay. If you post when your audience is active on Facebook, you are more likely to get interactions and thus extend your post’s future reach to other connected users.

2. Schedule Content

…But be ready to engage in real-time. By pre-selecting the best time to publish content, you get to focus all your energy on customer care and audience engagement.

3. Pay Attention To The Competition

Get creative with who you compare your brand to! Don’t just focus on your immediate competitors – break it down by other brands your Fan base might be interested in, other brands in your region, or distant brands in your industry (for example!).

4. Respond to customers regularly and maintain expectations.

According to New Media & Marketing, 88% of consumers would be less likely to buy from a company with unanswered questions or complaints from customers on their Facebook page. If your customers are taking the time to ask a question or engage with your brand in some way, you need to be willing and able to connect back.

5. Take Advantage Of Smart Targeting Options On Facebook

Even with a small budget, Facebook advertising can make a big impression. Use smart targeting to get the most out of your potential audience – create “ideal” customer prototypes and begin targeting ads to reach the right people.

6. Track Your Reach

Post Reach decays after a short period, so getting that first hour right is key. You can get an idea of how Interactions (Likes, Comments, Shares, Clicks) affect Reach by taking a look at your own personal Facebook page. How does taking one action, like Commenting on a Friend’s photo or looking through an album, affect your News Feed?

7. Get Employees Active On Facebook

Seriously! It may run counter to the old idea of doing business, but it’s essential in today’s world. Turn the people who know your brand best into its strongest advocates.

8. Categorize Your Content And Measure, Measure, Measure.

When you assign categories and label content you can use data analysis to understand which content works, and focus on producing more of that type.

9. Use Hashtags

So simple, but so useful. Make your content searchable by hashtagging relevant keywords. Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram can help users find your brand. If you’re a real estate agent tweeting about a new listing, including location hashtags will expand your audience to people you can help – not just audiences you’ve identified yourself. On Facebook, hashtags can be used in coordination with a larger campaign message and help with cross platform promotion.

10. Create A Voice

…that is consistent and reflective of your brand. Do you have a star bartender or a legendary local at your restaurant? Let their “voice” host your social media content. Is your tone of voice playful or straight-talking? Do you speak in first person singular or plural? Test what works and use this to give your social presence a personality customers can connect with.

Bonus Tip:

Remember, this job is fun! You should be excited about your brand, and use social media to express that at every turn.

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