How Agencies Should Report to Clients About Social Performance

You know you are creating value for your client on social. Don’t just tell them - show them the numbers.

How Agencies Should Report to Clients About Social Performance

If you work at an agency, you know that client loyalty can be fleeting – you need to constantly continue proving yourself to prospects and existing customers alike.

Why Agencies Need Deep Social Analytics

Creating reports for your clients doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a tool like Socialbakers Analytics, you can create visually-appealing and easy-to-read reports in seconds (and soon you’ll be able to schedule reports to be sent automatically on a regular basis). Here’s what to focus on:

1. Tracking only the right KPIs

Building a good report is all about anticipating your clients’ needs. Don’t send irrelevant info they’ll drown in. Instead, select the metrics they need to see based on their business goals. Consider including

  • Fan Growth, for tracking brand awareness
  • Question Response Rate and Time, for keeping track of customer service success
  • Post Interactions, for campaign success

Every metric you include should be tied to a business goal your client wants to achieve.

2. Visualizing your story

This doesn’t just mean relying on charts to make your point – it’s smartly arranging your graphs so that they work as evidence to support your advice to your clients.

With Socialbakers Analytics reports, you can pick and choose metrics to paint a visual picture that makes the point YOU need to, and provides real insights.

3. Relationship Building

Think of reporting as an important point of interaction between you and the client – almost like the first time you pitched to them. You need to impress them every time and make that face time count. Anticipate their needs in addition to giving them the data they request for each campaign, and offer to give them raw data as well so they can run correlations with sales or conversions numbers.

4. Inviting Involvement

The same way that brands build loyalty by inviting Fans to participate in content creation, agencies can build customer loyalty by involving brands in the analytic process. Of course, some brand representatives will want you to handle all the work, and others will want to micromanage. It’s all about finding the right way of getting your clients involved in getting the most from their social media presence.

5. Showing and Telling

Tell the data story multiple ways. Explain what’s happening, how you would react to it, and suggest how they should given whatever their business realities are.

No matter how you report to your clients, remember that it’s one of the most important moments for your agency-client relationship. You’ll want every available resource to get them the information they need to run record-breaking campaigns. Socialbakers Analytics gives you the data-gathering and reporting tools you need to provide the best possible results to your existing clients, and make a real impression with new ones.

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