5 Ways Deep Social Analytics Can Help You Grow Your Business

Developing memorable, effective campaigns on social presents unique challenges. Here’s how deep social analytics can help.

5 Ways Deep Social Analytics Can Help You Grow Your Business

Agencies and small businesses have unique challenges. From tough local competition to maintaining a full roster of clients, you need to be innovative and ahead of the competition at every turn. The right deep social analytics tool can play a huge role in your success.

Social media offers almost unlimited possibilities in terms of spreading brand awareness, driving website traffic, and creating meaningful relationships with your fans. But to do it right, you need to track the right KPIs for both your performance and the competition.

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Without knowing what works and what doesn’t or tracking your competitors, you won’t know how to progress or reach your goals. Socialbakers Analytics can give you the data-driven insights you need to create amazing marketing results.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 tips for how to use social to expand your business. Here’s how social media reports, competitive analysis, and deep data measurement can be utilized to win new clients and keep loyal ones.

Top 5 Tips For Building Your Business with Social

  1. Pay attention to the right Metrics & KPIs and connect to overall goals
  2. Use Reporting for business development and pitching
  3. Get a wider view with Competitive Analysis
  4. Know whether you are reaching and growing a relevant Fanbase with Audience Analysis
  5. Get inspired and see which content does best in the Content Newsfeed

1. Pay attention to the right Metrics & KPIs – indicators of where you are on reaching your goals

What it is: When you first look at a multitude of visualized data, you might not be sure where to place your attention or which metrics you should monitor. Every campaign is different and relevant metrics will vary. Maybe you want to drive people to your site, or you want to drive conversations on social – different organizations have different goals. Socialbakers Analytics offers 100+ unique metrics, so you can look at what matters most.

Why it matters: You need to pay attention, because the metrics you will see in a social analytics platform like ours are not only indicators of your performance on social media (although goals for this should be set as well), the numbers you see on those KPIs will also feed into other marketing and business goals. For example, if you want more visits to your website, you need to monitor Interactions and Reach; if you want to have good social customer care, pay attention to your Question Response Rate and Question Response Time.

2. Develop Your Business with Social Media Reporting

What it is: Reports on social media performance will showcase your progress on specific metrics. They can also be a social media competitive analysis, a Fanbase analysis, or any other focused report you choose.

Why it matters: Reporting provides real value. Want to show progress to a boss or client? Send them a report that shows how well you’ve done, areas for improvement, or both. Want to show a prospect you can take them to the next level with their social media marketing? Send them a competition report and tell them how you will improve these KPIs. Show them where they are at on the numbers, set goals, and tell them how you will reach those goals and their business will benefit.

3. Competitive Analysis: See how you stack up against the competition

What it is: Competitive analysis tells you how your social media performance compares to your competition’s or the industry at large. With Socialbakers Analytics, you can compare Pages or Profiles and see which has more fans, better engagement, and details like how often they post, and a multitude of other metrics. (In a soon-to-be-released update you can also compare up to 10 Pages or Profiles in one cluster, with labels and industry benchmarks to see how you are doing against your industry averages).

Why it matters: Competitive analysis shows how you are measuring up to the competition. If you are focusing on similar target audiences, and they are doing better than you on the metrics that matter most, check other metrics to see what they are doing that you are not, like posting at different times, more frequently, and so on.

4. Reach the right audience with the Audience Analysis

What it is: Socialbakers Analytics will give you a better understanding of who your fans on social are. This analysis will show you where your fans come from, how they interact with your content, when they do so (important for knowing when to post), and the growth rate for your fanbase, as well as a lot of other information.

Why it matters: You need to know if you are reaching your target audience on social. You also need to know how many people you are reaching with your content, on this will depend clicks and site visits. You can also use this information to create better tailored content to your readership, which should bring more engagement and better reach.

5. Content Newsfeed: Your guide to which content works best

What it is: The Content Newsfeed aggregates all posts from the selected social media Pages and/or Profiles filtered by different criteria. For example, if you wanted to see a feed for posts in your industry and filter for engagement or shares, you would immediately find the most popular posts for your target audience.

Why it matters: The Facebook News Feed is very competitve. In order to get the most people to see your posts, your content needs to be engaging. For you to see what content gets the most likes, comments, and shares, you can use the Content Newsfeed to understand why the posts were so successful and then apply the same tactics to your own content.

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