How Agencies Can Win New Business with Deep Social Media Analytics

If you work at an agency, you know that finding and winning clients is no easy task. But getting new accounts is essential to every agency’s survival. If you have access to a 3rd party data provider that can aggregate and analyze data in seconds, it can work wonders for doing research before a pitch or for getting your foot in the door.

How Agencies Can Win New Business with Deep Social Media Analytics

Show them where they are now and where you can take them

Socialbakers client iCrossing, a digital marketing agency headquartered in New York, uses social media audits that they create through Socialbakers Analytics when pursuing new clients.

“We use the Socialbakers Analytics tool to audit the potential client and its competitors and also help establish a baseline from which to start,” says Sabeen Ahmad, Associate Director of Social Strategy. Read more about iCrossing’s collaboration with Socialbakers.

This is a smart strategy, because approaching initial contact with a ready understanding of where the client’s social performance is allows you to also set forth goals you can reach for them. You can tell them where they are and where you can take them. Having a complete audit of your prospect’s and their competition’s social media marketing will also set you apart from your own competitors.

Stay ahead of the curve

Constantly educating yourself about the trends in social media and social media performance measurement allows you to speak with authority about what goals can be achieved on social, but also the marketing and business goals that social success will feed into. Solidify your agency as the industry expert by having constant access to trends and real-time data.

As the need for backing social up with budget rises, so do the concerns about social ROI. When you approach a client’s social presence taking into account the need for brand awareness, conversions, and customer support, you can easily explain which of your efforts connects to their marketing goals.

For example, one of our preferred ways to track performance and ad spend is the Socialbakers Promoted Post Detection (PPD), which tells you how many posts your client and their competition are boosting and whether they are putting their budget behind the right kind of content. PPD allows you at once to be more budget effective and justify your budget requirements.

Using a social analytics tool like Socialbakers Analytics gives you the opportunity to keep track of data constantly, add new pages and profiles and have visualized and averaged metrics at your fingertips. In turn you can use this advantage when pitching or pursuing new clients to have a leg up on the competition and position yourself as indispensable right from the very start.

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