Brands Need to Improve Social Customer Care on Twitter

Demand for social customer care keeps growing on Twitter, but brands had a tough time keeping up in Q4 2014.

Brands Need to Improve Social Customer Care on Twitter

6.6 million questions were asked of brands on Twitter between October and December 2014. Out of that, only 27% were responded to – that’s 4.8 million questions left without an answer. Brands’ lack of adequate social customer care is perfectly illustrated by the fact that out of the top ten profiles that get the biggest amount of questions only one – Indonesian Telecom company Telkomsel – was Socially Devoted.

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Industry overview

Demand is certainly not uniform across industries. Although brands in the Telecom industry do best on questions answered, the chart below shows how skewed the amount of questions is to the ignored side for all industries.

In terms of Question Response Rate (QRR), Airlines come out on top, but the amount of questions asked of these brands is significantly smaller than in other industries like Telecom, Retail, and E-commerce.

Brands still respond faster on Twitter than on Facebook. However, this is a poor trade-off: people can get a fast answer, but the probability of getting one at all is pretty low.

Check if youu2019re Socially Devoted

So what’s happening? Twitter is a fast-paced, real-time communication channel and it’s possible brands either do not concern themselves at all with answering, or they simply cannot keep track of all the questions posed to them. In the latter case, a community management tool like Socialbakers Builder can greatly improve brands’ performance on social customer care metrics, as it collects all the questions posed to all the Profiles managed in one interface and allows for interaction with other colleagues.

Country overview

Different standards of customer care are present in different countries. In the U.S., the difference between questions asked and questions responded to is especially startling: only 17% of questions were answered in Q4.

Top Players

Despite the overall trend, there are brands that excel at social customer care on Twitter. But these results don’t come for free – 7 out of these 10 brands use social publishing tools that go beyond native ones. If you’re ready to get serious about social customer care, you need to go beyond native tools for publishing and analyzing performance.

It’s a strange phenomenon that brands ignore the opportunity to connect with their audience on Twitter. When done right, answering a Twitter mention can create a viral story, act as effective PR, create better brand recognition and loyalty, and lead to better word-of-mouth.

It pays to be responsive on Twitter. The faster brands realize that, the happier their customers will be.

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