Facebook Video Dominated the Super Bowl

The social video landscape is changing - quickly. On Super Bowl Sunday, one of the biggest days of the year for marketers, they overwhelmingly chose Facebook video over YouTube.

Facebook Video Dominated the Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLIV was always going to be the most social in history. Aside from what ended up being a great game, the show had some solid ads, the best Missy Elliot cameo possible, and gave the world Left Shark. It also marked a turning point in how social marketers use video. As we wrote just after the game, the number of interactions from videos overwhelmingly came from Facebook.

But by looking at where last year’s videos’ were distributed, it becomes clearer than ever how radical this change really is.

And it’s not just a mass movement with little evidence of success behind it. Socialbakers’ research has found that videos get more organic reach compared to photos. That’s because RIGHT NOW is the Facebook video moment.

Want to learn from the social video masters?

Facebook videos are showing to get more reach and more interactions than videos on any other platform. Marketers are noticing, promoting 27% of all video posts…though that number still pales compared to the raw number of photo posts being promoted.

So at the peak of this growth came the year’s biggest event for digital video content, and brands migrated in a pack to Facebook for content delivery. Let’s just say the results were very, very good.

The coming months are going to be defined by how creative marketers use Facebook video to get reportable ROI. There will never be a better time to try innovating and seeing incredible results for your efforts.

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