KLM: Putting Social Customer Care First

KLM provides some of the best social customer care in the world. Here’s how they do it.

KLM: Putting Social Customer Care First

Last year, KLM was asked roughly 80,000 questions on Facebook – that’s 9 questions every hour including weekends and non-working hours – and they responded to 98.5% of them. There is no other brand that has higher social care demand on Facebook than KLM. Based on the analysis of our Socially Devoted Q4 data, KLM receives 40% of all queries addressed to Dutch companies, and nearly 30% of all queries in the airlines industry globally.

The KLM team not only responds, they respond fast. 3 hours faster than the rest of the airline industry. They respond to questions in 14 languages, and in real-time 24/7, keeping their Fans and Followers updated by posting the average response time in their social header pics.

Our Socially Devoted benchmark recognizes brands that respond at least to 65% of questions posted by fans across Facebook and Twitter. KLM successfully maintained #1 position for the most Socially Devoted brand globally last year and seems primed to continue to do so.

On Twitter, customers asked KLM more than 50,000 questions in 2014, and they had a Question Response Rate (QRR) of 76%. Take a look at the User Mentions chart below. KLM experienced a huge increase in user activity/engagement by tweeting, perhaps a bit inappropriately, about the Dutch national team’s defeat of Mexico during the World Cup. The tweet was later deleted by their social media team. As the story unfolded, they experienced another surge in activity a few days later. The last peak was related to a contest in which participants had to complete a quiz – a welcome redirection.

The Takeaway

Twitter enables brands to be part of the conversation as is it’s happening and engage with users like never before. It can do wonders for a brand – it can increase their interactions, capture new fans and turn them into customers, improve brand affinity, and boost website conversions. Check out how LEGO successfully confronted the pressure Greenpeace put them under during negotiations with Shell and the toymaker.

Twitter is also a key platform for social customer care – one that is too often neglected by brands. KLM shows that it’s not only possible to manage the demands of Twitter travelers, it’s possible to excel. Facebook remains the #1 go to place for social customer care for brands. KLM exemplifies the meaning of a truly Socially Devoted brand – no other brand answers more questions and responds faster on Facebook than KLM.

KLM joined Engage Prague 2015 in May – the world’s largest social media educational summit – to give marketers insight about the strategy behind their social customer care success. We brought hands-on training from the top social media and technology experts from the world’s most iconic brands such as LEGO, Disney, and many more.

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