Advanced Data Management with the Socialbakers Executive Dashboard

If you’ve graduated from just monitoring vanity metrics and advanced to needing in-depth data aggregating software, the Executive Dashboard might be for you.

Advanced Data Management with the Socialbakers Executive Dashboard

We could quote a thousand Art of War sayings, but, chances are, you already know what they all come down to: knowledge is power. To truly take advantage of a situation for your business and achieve your goals, you need to know where you stand against the competition and the market and when it’s time to wage war or lay low.

Some of our more globally-oriented clients have several hundred or more social media profiles around the world. They need advanced competitive reporting over a range of products and geographical regions to spot trends and correlate the data they get from social to sales data, site visits, and so on. For them we offer the Socialbakers Executive Dashboards – a one-screen command center. It allows anyone within the organization to get reliable insights from a variety of data sources.

Data Aggregation: Making Big Data Actionable

Data and information are two different things. A data tool should transform the first into the second, so you can act on it. The Executive Dashboard is geared towards just that: making sense of very large data-sets.

To achieve a truly comprehensive data-set, a tool must pull data from a variety of sources. The Executive Dashboard allows for integration of any 3rd party data tool with an open API, like your CRM, Google Analytics, and so on. You could also have the Socialbakers Social Health Index or Promoted Post Detection tools integrated here.

You can set up the dashboards so you see the performance of a brand’s entire social presence globally, compared to that of other brands, other regions, competitors and so on, on a handful of the most important metrics.

Cut the data whichever way you’d like: set up a dashboard for your market globally, another one for growth of regions in your market, yet another one for the performance of your brand by country, and so on.

Advanced Reporting = Accelerated Insights

For those times when you need to know the numbers instead of seeing the evolution, you can use the Executive Dashboard side-by-side comparison. Here you can integrate targets and see whether your teams hit them within a time period. All this allows for a quick understanding of where your brand stands against the competition on the segments you’ve chosen to create.

Of course, all of this data is fully exportable. You can automate reporting, which means a report will be delivered to however many recipients’ emails on a regular basis of your choice. This saves users time and ensures that a global team will be on the same page about what’s happening with the overall global performance of the brand and the competition.

Lenovo: Leveraging Custom Solutions For Success

Global technology leader Lenovo knows how important acting from a place of knowledge is. As a global brand, their strategy has to stay live, moving, responsive – which means they have to stay on top of what’s happening with their competition in all the different markets they are in.

Read all about how they create their campaigns based on insights they get from their custom-built Socialbakers Executive Dashboard.

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