Periscope Takes Over The Meerkat Market for Content Creators

When Periscope was launched, Meerkat experienced a sharp decline in usage among brands and content creators. Is the shift among Twitter video apps complete?

Periscope Takes Over The Meerkat Market for Content Creators

How do you stop a Meerkat from moving around? By taking away its network, of course (maybe someone should have told the guys in Caddyshack it was that easy).

Twitter acquired Periscope months before Meerkat’s launch on February 27th, but didn’t announce that publicly until shortly afterwards. The apps are quite similar – the main difference seems to be that one is worth $100 million to the social graph it’s built into, and one is a net negative and no longer attached to that social graph at all. As an independent network, Meerkat has not thrived.

When Periscope launched on March 25th, Twitter-grafted video streaming service Meerkat’s Number of Tweets rapidly dropped.

This data comes from tweets analyzed from a sample of 25,000 brand, celebrity, entertainment, and media company profiles. We determined Periscope and Meerkat live-streams based on the links in the tweets. (We excluded certain extreme profiles that were posting a ton of live streams, but the trend is the same with or without them included.)

Around March 26th, when Periscope launched, these content creators began posting more Periscope live streams and fewer Meerkat live streams on Twitter. Now, the majority of live stream tweets posted are done via Periscope.

As Periscope is still being updated to fix user experience concerns and is now taking flak from HBO for copyright infringement as its users stream Game of Thrones via the app (What’s the saying in Westeros? Blue wings, blue words?), it is still getting tons of traffic that used to flow through Meerkat. There may yet be a reconciliation between the two services – but for right now, things are not looking good for the little guy.

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