Desigual: Fashion, Passion, and Engaged Social Fans

Desigual made a splash on the catwalk and on social this year. Here’s how social drove the buzz throughout 2014 and kept Fans talking about the Spanish retailer during New York Fashion Week.

Desigual: Fashion, Passion, and Engaged Social Fans

The Spanish brand has over 500 locations present in 109 countries, and continues to branch out with the expansion of perfume lines, shoes, sport and home decor.

Throughout their marketing campaigns, Desigual’s social media strategy brilliantly reflects their motto La Vida es Chula, or Life is Cool. And it’s working!

On Facebook, they’ve grabbed the attention of a massive audience of over 3.5 million Fans, mostly distributed around Europe (½ of their Fans are from Italy, Spain, France, and Portugal). 2014 was a big success for Fan growth as well – they grew their audience by 40%; that’s more than 1 million new Fans. The most-interacted posts featured their new line of Living collection, retro-inspired clothing, and winter accessories.

Desigual gained some traction during NYFW, when they were the 3rd-most interacted brand. Their most-engaging photo that week referenced the famous model Irina Shayk praising the company for her colorful Desigual bedspread. That photo gained over 68,000 interactions.

Desigual @ Engage Prague

Desigual came to Engage 2015!

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At Engage 2015, we brought two days of hands-on workshops with brands like L’Oreal and YouTube, and a one-day conference with presentations and panels featuring KLM, LEGO, Disney, and many more.

Social Customer Care on Facebook

Social customer care is the biggest growth opportunity in social media marketing today. Through data collected for our Socially Devoted initiative, Socialbakers found that Fans engaged with the most responsive brands on Facebook 3.4× more than they did with unresponsive brands!

Desigual excelled at social customer care in 2014; they responded to 92% of all queries, the 5th-most Socially Devoted fashion brand globally. They beat the global benchmark for Question Response Rate while answering many more questions than the average brand.

Winning with Real-Time Video on Twitter

On Twitter, the brand definitely harnesses the power of real-time communication. In fact, Desigual’s most engaging NYFW tweet was a live stream of the brand’s blowout event – it was among the top-20 most-mentioned posts made that week. Check out their performance on Twitter – it’s easy to see that NYFW had a huge impact for Desigual.

Desigual also flourished on other platforms during NYFW. Instagram is one of fashion retailer’s best platforms for reaching audiences and engaging with them because of how it adapts the elements of a high-end magazine for social media.

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Desigual also hit a home run on the platform during NYFW – they grew their Follower base by 29% in just the one week – that’s close to 50,000 new Followers – and were again among the top-20 most-interacted fashion brands.

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