How to Acquire Customers on Social Media

Socialbakers has partnered with HubSpot on the definitive guide to getting social media users all the way through the social marketing funnel.

How to Acquire Customers on Social Media

The number one issue in marketing is to produce – and prove – the return that marketing provides your brand. In most cases, that’s not only hard to do, but an epic process as well. That’s why the guide we’ve written with HubSpot, How to Acquire Customers on Social Media, is so essential. We worked together to boil down the process of turning social media users into customers into a quick read, full of incredibly useful points.

In it, we cover:

  • How and why you need to build your audience on different social networks
  • The best way to optimize your site for bringing in a social audience
  • Using social for lead nurturing
  • Getting your sales team the right information to turn social into sales!

It’s free and incredibly valuable. In fact, we think it’s the best guide for social marketers anywhere. Download it today and get started on the path to social acquisition.

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