Sina Weibo and Socialbakers Team Up For Weibo Analytics in China

Socialbakers and Sina Weibo have teamed up to provide the Chinese marketing environment advanced insights into analytics for Weibo.

Sina Weibo and Socialbakers Team Up For Weibo Analytics in China

With over 89 million daily active users and 198 million monthly active users, Sina Weibo is one of the world’s biggest social networks. But marketers in China don’t yet have the advanced analytics tool they need in order to know they’re reaching their preferred audiences.

That’s all changing now. We’ve teamed up with Sina Weibo to produce Weibo Analytics, a dynamic tool that will set the standard for how marketers in China measure performance on Weibo.

It will be particularly important for mobile marketers in China. Sina Weibo’s audience is 86% mobile – there are 81 million users active on the mobile app every day, and that number is getting larger. Its number of mobile monthly active user is up 57% from Q1 2014. Because the biggest Chinese markets are already saturated, 70% of this growth is happening in key, smaller markets.

I’m personally incredibly excited to work with a company like Sina Weibo, to build these solutions together with them. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner for our first venture exclusively in China.

There’s so much to discover with Sina Weibo. And I can’t wait for marketers in China to find their potential with it.

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

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