3 Charts Showing Facebook Promoted Posts Are More Important Than Ever

Since 2013, post promotion has risen 120% for brands on Facebook.

3 Charts Showing Facebook Promoted Posts Are More Important Than Ever

When marketers woke up from their New Year 2013 celebrations, they were in a world where less than half of them paid to promote their posts on Facebook®. Today, a little more than two years later, 75% of brands on Facebook promote their posts – and going by Socialbakers’ historical data, that’s only going to continue to rise.

Those New Years’ headaches may be having an impact (or it could be all the vacation time): January was the month with the least promoted content each year. September, October, and November consistently saw the largest increases in post promotion.

Are you still living in a 2013 world?

The trend also affected the number of posts each brand promoted.

The larger Brand Pages we analyzed increased their post promotion by 80% over the last two years, and did so more consistently beginning in 2014. Overall, Pages increased post promotion by 120%. Smaller Pages now promote 25% more content than the largest Pages did in 2013.

Organic Reach dropped in turn as post promotion increased over the last couple years, going from 7% to just 2% in the same period. In the next few months, promoted posts will likely become even more common. Why?

Post Promotion Guarantees Reach

This shows the source of post reach for brands. Since post promotion has really taken off (from around January 2014), things have evened out. With paid reach, marketers know EXACTLY what they’re getting. No surprises, no rapid declines in reach to account for, and prices that stay fixed. Consistent results for constant spend? That’s the kind of news that spreads – which is why so many more posts have been promoted since 2014.

That’s why we’ve designed our groundbreaking feature – Promoted Post Detection (PPD) – enabling brands to track their competitor’s Paid and Organic content right in Socialbakers Analytics. Now brands can get the most out of their marketing budget in the smartest way possible. Learn more about how PPD can help optimize your boosting strategy.

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