Mercedes-Benz: Ahead Of The Innovation Curve On Social

How Mercedes-Benz solidified their spot as a leading innovator on social in 2014.

Mercedes-Benz: Ahead Of The Innovation Curve On Social

2014 was a good year for auto brands on Facebook – Interactions grew 33% while the amount of admin posts stayed the same. This means more and more people are interacting with content published by auto brands – a very positive growth!

Mercedes-Benz is one of the absolute best on Facebook both in their industry and at large. While they follow suit with the best practices of auto brands on Facebook by posting mostly photos and albums, they stand out from the crowd on the amount of interactions their Facebook page gets. How do they do it?

In the automotive industry, they come in first on total Interactions, meaning they are the most engaging brand on Facebook in the industry.

Mercedes-Benz was also a clear number one on fan growth in 2014.

Not only do they do great at the content they post and growing their audience, they were also way ahead of their industry on social customer care in 2014. Whereas auto brands on Facebook on average answered within 32 hours, Mercedes-Benz took only 10 hours to answer to user questions.

If we look at the Interactions per 1000 Fans metric, the Mercedes Facebook Page is only second to a much smaller, regional Kia Motors page. Although Interactions per 1000 fans is a great way to compare pages of different sizes, it should always be looked at in conjunction with other metrics to truly gauge performance levels.

Compared to the global Automotive Interactions average benchmark in Socialbakers Analytics, the difference between the industry and Mercedes is clear. Their evident ability to create constantly great results like here means one thing – dedication.

But it’s not only in the automotive sector that Mercedes outperforms the competition. From the top 10 global brands (Interbrand ranking 2013), Mercedes-Benz were fourth on the

amount of interactions they got on Facebook in 2014.

Their Facebook page fanbase grew by over 40% in 2014. How do they do it? They engage fans in the content-creation process. One of the main content-types Mercedes-Benz posts is albums of the best pictures fans have posted to Instagram. In general, Instagram is not the only platform Mercedes-Benz are leveraging to connect with their younger audience. They are also present on Tumblr and Vine and adapt content to the platform they post to, exhibiting strong cross-platform strategy.

Curiously, adapting innovation within the company and creating strong digital strategies has also made the brand more fluid. Check out this native ad in which Mercedes come across as more entertaining and tongue-in-cheek than before:

Much like in this ad, Mercedes-Benz are leaving their competition in the dust on and off social media by leveraging Socialbakers Analytics. To learn more about how Mercedes use Socialbakers tools and what deep social analytics can do for your brand in particular, get in touch with us at

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