KLM – Fuelling Innovation with Data & Customer Support

At Socialbakers, we are all about big data. Yes, that’s a hot word in marketing right now, but the TRUTH is it’s fuelling innovation through customer feedback and trends.

KLM – Fuelling Innovation with Data & Customer Support

I’m a data-driven marketer myself and have been analyzing social customer care for over a year. I’ve gone through Socialbakers data and looked at the strategies behind several of the best Socially Devoted brands. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is one such example that is using their customer oriented approach on social media to increase sales, improve customer retention, and capture new customers.

Are you Socially Devoted?

Now, those may sound like buzzwords, but KLM generates €100,000 every week in direct sales on social. To put that into perspective – they achieved €25 million in social media revenue in 2014. You ask yourself, how is social driving those numbers?

KLM is a Socially Devoted brand – that is our benchmark for responding to at least 65% of customer queries. KLM maintained the #1 Socially Devoted brand globally of all of 2014 on Facebook. They respond 3 hours faster than the rest of the airline industry, in 14 languages, and in real-time 24/7, keeping their Fans and Followers updated by posting the average response time in their social header pics.

In Q1 2015, they had a Question Response Rate of 95.5% with a Response Time of 58 minutes. When it comes to a service industry, this is ideal. Imagine, people need to buy last minute flights, upgrade seats, need to find their luggage etc. and customers naturally turn to social to get the fastest response. KLM has met the demand and is soaring above customer expectations. KLM spoke at Engage 2015, watch to hear the full story.

The Secret to their Success

They are one of the first brands I’ve seen who truly listen to the needs of their customers through social trends. In any business, if you want to stay competitive you need to be aware of what your target audience is asking for, and build from that. For example, they discovered that their customers had a challenge to pay for things they wanted like extra luggage. Rather than directing them to their website or a hotline, they designed a secure payment method they could direct users to on social. Those last minute purchases go a long way – and is what is contributing to their Social ROI.

Innovation is a very important part of what we do on social media…we try to base it as much as possible on the feedback we get from our customers.

Gert Wim ter Haar, Social Media Hub Manager at KLM

The Takeaway

No matter if you’re a small local business or have 10,000 employees around the world, the key takeaway from KLM is this: take advantage of your data, the trends on social, and implement customer feedback to provide the most effective service possible.

Global Editor

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