How Fashion Brands Win on Instagram

Socialbakers analysis shows that fashion brands get four times more interactions and fans on Instagram. This is how they do it.

How Fashion Brands Win on Instagram

Instagram has been in the public’s eye for a while for its potential for marketing. The reach of Instagram’s chronological feed is alluring, but some brands are still not sure how to best approach their audiences, what value they can bring to the table and which content is right for their brand. Fashion brands, on the other hand, have gone all in on Instagram – Instagram’s magazine-like qualities make it a match made in heaven – and are seeing great results.

But to win on Instagram, fashion brands have standards – from hashtag use to posting videos, to celebrity engagement and image editing. The best of the best have their own tactics and, for the first time, we’re bringing you the data-based best practices of Instagram’s top players.

Take a page from fashion brands’ Instagram playbooks.

Our latest report shows you how to win on Instagram like fashion brands, and also how to use social analytics to find the tactics that make a brand excel so you can use them for yourself. This whitepaper unlocks those best practices that get the big fashion brands ahead and gives you data-based answers to questions like:

  • How to process your pictures?
  • What is the ideal image-to-video ratio?
  • How many hashtags to use?

We looked at 207 fashion profiles on Instagram, and our data showed that fashion brands on Instagram got about 4.6× more interactions, had 4.6× more followers and grew their followers 4.4× faster than the average for all brands. And with new apps like Olapic and rewardStyle, which allow you to source user content and to streamline the Instagram customer journey from engagement to purchase, Instagram is getting more and more friendly to business involvement.

You can analyze your brand’s Instagram profile in Socialbakers Analytics and compare it to a competitor or to an outlier that does really well to find the tactics you should be applying to your strategy. Your main dashboard also has an overview of the top 5 most engaging posts on Instagram – so you can quickly see what’s working well on the platform now and apply that insight to your own content.

A screenshot from the new Socialbakers Analytics.

Those that can reach their target audiences through Instagram and are hesitant to utilize Instagram should stop and think about the capacity of the platform to complement and even lead a cross-platform content strategy. If you are hesitating because you don’t know which content will work best for your brand, start by researching your competitors or industry in a social analytics platform.

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