Socialbakers Builder – Next Generation Publishing

Post boosting and social listening are now integrated into our flagship social media content management tool.

Socialbakers Builder – Next Generation Publishing

We designed Socialbakers Analytics to be the premier social media analytics platform, putting the deepest social media data set to work for social marketers. We’ve also been in the social media game long enough to know the pain-points of advertisers on social. Socialbakers Builder is our solution to brands’ and agencies’ publication problems: create your data-driven marketing plan using Socialbakers Analytics, and execute it to perfection in Socialbakers Builder.

Now, we’re upgrading it to give you more options to choose from! Finding a publishing tool that will hit all the points you need is incredibly difficult. You don’t want to pay for the capabilities you’re not going to use. You also want to gain as much value from your tool as possible. So while we are integrating these new features, the extent to which you use them (and the cost to you) will depend solely on your own needs.

So why are post boosting and listening such a big deal?

Publishing needs boosting

Getting your posts seen isn’t as easy as it used to be – today, reaching your audience means you need to promote your best content. It’s a seamless fit: plan content, create it, approve it, schedule it, post it, boost the posts that do well and track the engagement and organic / paid reach breakdown – all within one tool.

You’ll see a breakdown of paid versus organic reach for each post and the engagement the boosted posts are getting – so you can know whether to continue promoting. How do you find out which content to promote? Choose the posts that are already generating a lot of interactions organically – simply filter your outgoing feeds by most interactions, and voila.

You need to know what is being said to your brand and about your brand

Often the buzz around your brand won’t have a direct link to your Page or profile. You need to dip into the conversations happening around your brand to see what is being said about it, and to take appropriate action – whether to commend a brand advocate or to curb a crisis from escalating.

Listen in on any set of keywords: your brands’ product names, competition, topics, or campaign hashtags. Socialbakers Builder is all about giving you a full overview of everything that’s happening on social media around your brand: your own content, your competition’s content, paid content, direct messages and posts to your wall – and, now, mentions off-Page.

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You can interact with the posts in the same way that you would with any other post in Socialbakers Builder. Respond immediately, assign it to someone else to deal with, or merely draw your colleagues’ attention to it from right within the tool.

We’re going mobile!

When you need to manage content on the go, or quickly respond to a colleague or fan, use the Socialbakers Builder mobile app available for Android and iOS. Swipe left and right to go through your feeds, and up and down to go through all the posts!

Don’t go to native for mobile content management – one of the benefits of using Socialbakers Builder is the advanced user rights management system that protects your reputation and helps ward off social PR nightmares! The mobile app aggregates all the conversations to, with, about and from your brand so you can keep track of everything on the go and protect your company’s reputation.

While your marketing plan absolutely must be underpinned by the deep insights that only analytics can give you, there’s a lot that can go wrong while executing it, especially in an environment where you’re marketing across several brands, regions, teams, and time-zones. You need a tool that will help you act on the insights you get and ensure you can adapt on the fly to execute your plan to perfection.

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