Do Top Facebook Brands Top Twitter as Well?

Socialbakers is your resource of informative marketing articles based on the social media statistical data. If you are owner of one of these branded pages or if they fall in the area of your industry benchmark, take a look at this interesting distinction, which in easy numbers outlays the difference between these two social influencers.

Do Top Facebook Brands Top Twitter as Well?

We’ve written at length recently about the top brands on Facebook and what they’re doing right. So now that we’re monitoring Twitter, we decided to see if they are as successful on Twitter as they are on Facebook!

First let’s take a look at the top Facebook brands, and compared their rankings in Twitter.

Converse, Skittles, and Oreo are relatively new comers to Twitter, which is why their followers are still far from the million fans they have on Facebook. It will be interesting to watch how the brands grow, since they take slightly different approaches to how they run their Twitter account.

  • Converse posts a lot of marketing messages and started a contest around the hashtag #conversethursday which is running for the month of September
  • Skittles takes an interesting approach, humanizing the brand as a real person who tweets about their everyday life. Cleverly they use already trending hashtags in their posts to gain exposure like “#IfICouldGetAwayWithIt I’d do a Skittles taste test for my science fair project. Hypothesis: rainbowlicious!”
  • Oreo cleverly trended the hashtag #OreoMoment for fans to use when they’re enjoying an Oreo, and they spend a lot of time asking questions of their followers and replying to mentions.

Disney has been on Twitter for more than 2 years but hasn’t been active enough to gain followers. Though they have been posting more regularly, their posts are a bit dry and without the kind of fun quirkiness that would be expected from Disney. Mostly likely this is simply due to the fact that they focus more on marketing their @DisneyPixar account which has also been around for two years and despite that the fact that they have made less than a thousand tweets during that time, they amazingly have nearly 1.5 million followers!

As FMCGs, Coca Cola and Redbull are not doing as well as they could. They’ve both been on Twitter for more than 2 years but still haven’t broken the million follower mark. They are both quite regular tweeters right now, but haven’t always been so perhaps they just need time to pick up. Coca Cola does a great job interacting with their followers on a very personal level, as a large percentage of their incredible 36,928 tweets are aimed at replying directly to mentions or a simple promotion of a fan like “*Coca-Cola loves you, Bryan! Have a happy day! :).*” Redbull keeps their fans on an adrenaline high, with heavy promotion of their “Art of Flight” snowboarding film.

And last but not least, we get to the leaders! Starbucks, iTunes, and PlayStation all broke the million fan mark. It’s no surprise that Starbucks is the leader, as their account is the oldest at a little over four years old and from the very beginning they’ve been best practice leaders when it comes to using Twitter as a customer service arm. They take an active approach, even in the most benign mentions. Here’s just one example:

carlyhallam “Carly Hallam”

I got charged twice for my @Starbucks oatmeal this morning. And he made my drink wrong. WILL I EVER BE HAPPY AGAIN?

Starbucks “Starbucks Coffee”

@carlyhallam Will you?! But seriously, were we able to make things right for you?

carlyhallam “Carly Hallam”

@Starbucks No! I didn’t notice these things until I was in my car. Been sulking since.

Starbucks “Starbucks Coffee”

@carlyhallam We want you to be happy! Please email w/details – we’ll do what we can to help.

iTunes is not far behind considering they’ve had their account for less than two years. They take a completely different approach, instead of focusing on interacting with fans or creating a persona like Skittles, their Twitter feed serves as an update for new music and offers. This proves successful for iTunes, their fans follow them because they want to be the first to know!

PlayStation is the second oldest Twitter account, around for nearly four years. They also take the iTunes route and offer exclusive deals and releases, but you can also see them interacting directly with fans though not regularly.

As brands focus more on their Twitter accounts as a potential sales and customer service touchpoint, it will be interesting to see how they grow. We predict that the rankings will change dramatically in the next 3–6 months and will keep you updated on the process. To check out how your favorite Twitter brands are performing, check out our Twitter Statistics and feel free to suggest any accounts we are not currently monitoring.

Belinda Whittaker

Staff Writer

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