Social Customer Care Demand Rose In A Big Way in Q3

While smaller Facebook Pages still offer less support than larger ones, adoption is up on the network overall. No industry answered fewer than 40% of the questions they received.

Social Customer Care Demand Rose In A Big Way in Q3

In the latest round of Socialbakers’ Socially Devoted research, in which we identify brands that answer at least 65% of all questions they receive on Facebook and Twitter, we found demand for social customer care rising on both networks. But 75% of brand Pages on Facebook and 93% of brand profiles on Twitter didn’t answer even half of the questions they received. That means there’s an elite class of brands with ace social media management, and a big gap between them and the rest of the pack.

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On Facebook, demand rose 9% from Q2 to Q3. While overall Question Response Rate (QRR) held steady at 76%, that means brands kept up with the rising demand – i.e, they answered 96,021 more questions from July to October than they did from April through June. That increase was most present in the Telecom industry, which received over 50,000 more questions in Q3 than in Q2.

As Facebook continues to grow in every imaginable metric – new signups, time on site, time on mobile, etc. – Socialbakers has identified the growth metric most relevant to brands: Fan Connections, or the total number of Fans of Pages (users can and of course do become Fans of more than one Page).

In Q3 2015, there were nearly 1 billion new Fan Connections. But between brands that answer too few questions and those that close their Walls to questions entirely, 86% of those Fans won’t have access to acceptable customer care on Facebook. The lack of access has expanded by 7% since Q2, meaning that the brands that do respond are going to be able to capitalize on the mistake of those that don’t.

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On Twitter, on which Brands have historically provided less customer support than they do on Facebook, demand is up 6% from Q2 – and for a change, so are the responses: in Q3, brands across nearly every industry raised their QRR, and overall network QRR jumped 13%. That makes this quarter the most successful one for customer support that the network has seen yet.

Even with the overall improvement, only Telecom has answered more than half of the questions they see. We can’t wait to see who joins them in Q4 and next year.

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