Socialbakers Now Offers The Deepest Insights Into Facebook Videos

With our newest addition to Socialbakers Analytics, our clients can get deeper insights into their Facebook video performance than ever before.

Socialbakers Now Offers The Deepest Insights Into Facebook Videos

It’s no longer shocking to say that video has become the most important part of content marketing on Facebook, but sometimes the sheer scale of video’s potential can blow you away. For instance: as of this summer, the social network recorded 4 billion daily video views. And as mobile advertising continues to grow as the major segment of their advertising revenue streams, it will only grow as a focus area.

It is incredibly important that your videos stand out and captivate users. To help you find what is working and what isn’t, we’ve integrated Facebook Video Insights into Socialbakers Analytics – making the world’s premier social media marketing solution even more comprehensive.

How to Create Value from Video

With these insights, you’ll be able to find value in video like never before.

By looking at the Audience Retention chart in Socialbakers Analytics, you can visually track viewer behavior second-to-second, and evaluate where viewers tended to stop watching each video you post – and see how changing your videos affects viewer behavior.


Since the biggest drop-off here comes between 5% and 10% of the way through these videos, you know that if the CTA is at the beginning of these videos, then the majority of viewers saw it – but if it’s at the end, that’s less likely.

To get the most out of this, try experimenting with video format, length, content types, and so on – and see how they perform in terms of audience retention and other important details, such as if they were clicked-on or if they were auto-played (on which more later).

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We can get into even more detail by looking at how many videos were viewed through at least 30 seconds (or if they are 30 seconds or shorter in total, through to 97% completion).

<img src=”–12/1449502965–30-minutes-chart.png” alt=”1449502965–30-minutes-chart.png” />

It’s also essential to monitor the difference between silent auto-play videos and audible click-to-play videos. With Socialbakers Analytics, you can quickly evaluate individual videos to find what works best at making audiences stop and take notice.


Insights Only You’ll See

These are some of the most critical pieces of information marketers need in a social environment that depends heavily on video to engage audiences. With Socialbakers Analytics now incorporating Facebook Video Insights, the world’s best social marketing social is even more comprehensive – ALL of your data is visual, reportable, and accessible in one place.

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