Two Data Points That Show How Bernie Has Trumped Everyone Else on Social

Of the 25 major candidates for the American presidency, these five made by far the biggest impact on social media.

Two Data Points That Show How Bernie Has Trumped Everyone Else on Social


It will come as no surprise by this point that Donald J. Trump, billionaire and media magnet, built the social web’s most talked-about campaign of 2015. In one year, he added nearly 3.5 million new Facebook Fans and almost 3 million new Twitter Followers. He tweeted more than twice as often as anyone else (7,337 times throughout the year) and saw just about 17 million interactions on those Tweets. He was also mentioned more than 10 million times by Twitter users.

And yet his Twitter presence paled in comparison to that of the Democratic upstart, Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders, with just over 1 million Followers by the end of 2015, tweeted a relatively meager 2,621 times (nearly all in the second half of the year, and still good for third-most of any candidate), and saw around 8.5 million interactions on those Tweets. The key difference here is just how much of an impact Sen. Sanders’ message has made on Twitter, compared with Trump – or anyone, for that matter.

The most important thing in the chart above is the Interactions per 1000 Followers metric. It means that Sen. Sanders’ Followers were much more likely to interact with his Tweets – repeatedly – than any other candidates’ Followers were with theirs. It could also point to his outsize number of Retweets, meaning that his Tweets had a wider viewing audience outside his own base than any other candidates. Retweets, paid promotion, and earned media are the best ways to amplify the impact of Tweets.

For comparison, Hillary Clinton added more new Followers in the past year than Sen. Sanders has in total. But she had far fewer Interactions per 1000 Followers, validating a message her campaign has passed through its emails: her base is in danger of becoming complacent and her campaign of losing ground.


On Facebook, Bernie received more Page interactions (Likes, Comments, and Shares) than any other Democrat candidate — with 19 million interactions on his posts in the second half of the year. In the same time frame, Clinton received 16 million interactions on her posts. Sen. Sanders’ presence isn’t as overwhelming on a per-1000 Fan basis – but it is still far stronger than Clinton’s.

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